Cartoon motivation…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things of my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  SUPER speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       The Cleveland Indians are busy.  Well, busy with questionable signings.  I am not sure if Michael Bourn and Dice-K would be ultimately their perfect visionary signings, but they happened.

2)      The Miami Dolphins will be upgrading their stadium.  Snowflake’s pool will not be downsized.

3)      There are some things that are overdone, and there are those that deserve it.  I can’t speak for you, but this upcoming all out blitz of MJ highlights for his 50th birthday I am kind of excited about.

4)      I don’t know what this list does to you, but what it does to me is wish I would have chosen one sport and stuck with it…NOT be a jack of all trades.  I would love to have money to blow on dumb stuff.

5)      We are on the 7th consecutive day where someone has stumbled on my blog typing in “barry manilow” into the search engine.

6)      Kansas looked like an injured angry animal against a very good Kansas State last night.  You caught THEM on the wrong night, KSU.  KU’s 3 straight losses were the most since 1989, the year after Danny and the Miracles.

7)      Michael Vick gets inked for one year in Philly.  Do you know what “optimism” is?  It is STILL remembering that Vick was the greatest athlete in football before torturing dogs and going to prison a long time ago.

8)      It is weird watching Big East basketball, knowing the Cuse and Pitt will be ACC teams next year.

9)      Stephen Strasburg has vowed he will be a workhorse this year.  He is training expecting 200 plus innings.  This will be fun to watch him this year, whether a Nats fan or just a baseball fan.

10)   Aha.  A Dennis Erickson sighting.  He will be the new offensive coordinator at Utah, and I feel like he has been coaching forever already.

11)   Adidas will show off its new short sleeve shirts when the Golden State Warriors suit up the last three games of this year in them.  I don’t get this.  If I am shooting hoops, I prefer nothing on my shoulders.  I feel like being stylish in this case is not practical.

12)   Kobe reprimands a follower for a gay slur on Twitter, and then gets promptly told by a follower of HIS little run in.  Welcome to Twitter, Kobe.

13)   Glimmer of hope.  Who is Byron Mullens?  He was a super recruit that went off the radar because he probably could have used another year or so at Ohio State.  Anyway, WHO stops the Celtics winning streak?  Charlotte?  Byron Mullens?  25 and 18.  Wow.

14)   I would like to thank Fox Sports for putting up the FULL Katherine Webb photo shoot this morning.  I would like to say “damn” for SI figuring it out so fast and evidently making them take it down.  Damn you.  If the name doesn’t ring a bell, she is AJ McCarron’s lade from the BCS telecast.

15)   Dwight Howard says opponents are “targeting his bad shoulder.”  Dude, do you truly EVER stop talking to the media.  I would hate to see your Facebook or Twitter page.

16)   Georgetown looked solid in beating a decent Marquette team last night.  Georgetown has just enough talent and the system to scare people in the tourney.

17)   The M’s are putting an injury clause in King Felix’s contract, because apparently there is already a known elbow issue.  Dude pitches once every five days.  You SHOULD do that.

18)   Suggs says that the Ravens wouldn’t have made their run had Ray Lewis not made his retirement announcement.  That is cute and all, but I hope you would have been trying to win at all costs even without the announcement.

19)   The Spurs beat Chicago last night…with no stars in the lineup.  Those back ups are going to be All Stars and very seasoned by the playoffs.

20)   Tiger Woods will add 3 more events this year.  Easy, bro.  Let’s just see how this thing plays out in your NEXT tournament first.  I am on your side, but maybe we wait another tournament or two?

21)   Derrick Rose coming out and saying he is still very far from returning tells me that he is done for the year.  Why bring him back so late that chemistry is an issue?

22)   FOUR Bama football players were arrested for credit card/ assault stuff.  Seriously?  Half of you guys are going to the NFL.  You can’t wait a year or two to get paid?

23)   Why don’t they just name the new giant movie Jack and the Beanstalk?  What is the reason for changing up the name?  It better be copyright stuff, because if that is your way of being hip and cool, moviemakers, I am not buying it.

24)   This northeast storm is reminding everyone that the Super Bowl will be outside next year.  Anyone for Super Saturday or Super Monday?

25)   I watched the newest Family Guy last night.  I laughed out loud when Tom comes out to the exterminator, pays him, and says “that is it?  All I had to do?”  LOVED Tom and Jerry.  It was cool to be learning classical piano songs that were in the shows I liked to watch as a kid.  Cartoon motivation if you will.  Liszt, Mendelssohn, Chopin…you name it.

26)   How can we drop wrestling from the Olympics?  Isn’t that one of the sports that got this thing rolling in the first place?

27)   I am going to go work and be excited for tonight’s UK-UF basketball game.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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