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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Daytime rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Derrick Rose is done for the year.  This is an absolute shame.  From a human level, of course I feel bad that he not only will be sitting out for the second straight year, but now he doesn’t even have a good knee or bad knee.  Both have been injured (although one is meniscus and one is a ligament).  He is young enough that we will still see some fantastic basketball from him eventually.  But, considering how ultra athletic he is at his position, and seeing him sit for the second year, I worry whether we are missing his best times.  From a pure basketball level, come ON.  When Zeke won a title, he went through players like Larry Bird in his OWN conference.  Charles had to deal with Magic at the beginning of his career.  LeBron has______ to get through in the East.  Paul George?  An aging Pierce and Garnett?  Ugghhh.  No wonder the Heat don’t care about regular season records right now.  With Rose out, they can just spend extra time scouting out the Pacers.

2)      I usually don’t change the order of hooks, but this is different.  I really, really don’t like Skip Bayless, nor respect most things out of his mouth.  Anyway, thanks, Deadspin.  He told a long serious story about where he was during the JFK assassination.  Well, Deadspin broke it down.

3)      When you figure out whether the Detroit Lions and San Diego are playoff caliber teams, please drop me a line.  I personally am confused.

4)      Last night’s Broncos-Pats game was classic.  Sorry, Broncos fans that you lost.  But, it was a pretty special game.  I wouldn’t even say that the Broncos “choked.”  I would say a very good team stepped UP the level of play on both sides of the football.  Brady does his thing, and then Peyton does HIS thing just to get it into OT.  We were pretty much a special teams mistake from calling this game a tie.  So, KC is back in it and getting the Broncos at home, Denver probably will be visiting New England again in the coming months, and we can continue to talk about Manning’s stats in cold weather.  It will be fun.

4a)  And from my friend, Vince, who is a Broncos fan AND knows my man crush problem on Brady.


5)      It is even MORE fun because the Steelers kept on trucking.  Logjam at 5-6, the Steelers schedule is pretty favorable overall, they get Cincinatti again straight up, and the Ravens-Steelers game Thanksgiving night is basically the draw the line in the sand about which one of these teams is planning on making some noise.

6)      I hope the Chiefs go into that Broncos game a little healthier though.  I would like to see a good game, but them having hurt players won’t help them, at home or not.

7)      He might have a happy go lucky atmosphere out in Seattle, but Pete Carroll sure has a lot of PED violations with his players.  Walter Thurmond?  You are the next contestant on the Four Game Suspension is Right.

8)      Think executives in Carolina are thinking they are mighty glad they let Rivera keep his coaching job?  SEVEN straight, folks.

9)      Carson Palmer looks like he is having fun out there in Arizona, they are the quietest 7-4 in the league, and Arians has now officially inserted himself into the Coach of the Year conversation.

10)   I am not sure why the Cards are getting bad press for signing PED user Jhonny Peralta to a lot of money.  Everyone in the MLB makes too much money at every level, and there are enough cheaters who have gotten caught for me to redirect any anger elsewhere.

11)   You know you are bored with a lot of money in the bank when you are a Jersey boy and still are trying to buy the Buffalo Bills.  I am talking to you, Job Bon Jovi.

12)   Break out Cher, who was #1 on the charts with that crappy song, Believe, the last time UMASS was in the AP Top 25.

13)   Kobe Bryant signed for another 2 years with the Lakers.  Does this finally mean all monster trade talk in his career is over?  He is only 35 years old, but I swear the last three years of his career have taken 10 of my years.

14)   Hey, Michigan.  Start acting like a top 25 basketball team.  Losing to Iowa State made headlines, and then you lose to Charlotte, too?  Neither is a BAD team, but you need to start owning who you are, or at least the level of talent on your team.

15)   P Dan Haren signed with the Dodgers.  If he has anything left in the tank, it will be a good pickup, and we are about one more team from HIM not even being able to tell us all the teams he has been on.

16)   I officially am over the “and/or” car commercials.  Please stop them.

17)   I officially am FAR from over the AT&T commercials.  Keep.  Them.  Coming.  Bringing a pet turkey to Thanksgiving.  That is funny.

18)   I am horrified that the Thor movie has made over $160 million.

19)   Carolina basketball beat #3 Louisville this weekend.  UNC always has talent, always have athleticism, and sometimes has actual shooters.  Bottom line?  They are the most bipolar team in the nation in my opinion.  They can lose to anyone or beat anyone on any given night.  Vince, you must have heart attacks watching those kids.

20)   Because watching my Cavs is not full of heart attacks.  They are slow, non scoring, and methodical.  Think watching paint dry while holding an oscillating fan.  They are decent, but I am holding all judgement until after the Wisconsin game in the ACC-Big Ten Showdown.

21)   Yes.  That same slow methodical Wisconsin team that is letting it fly this year and scoring a lot.  If I had to name one team that I can see the rules differences really affect, it is Wisconsin.

22)   The Vikings and Packers made all NFC fans’ lives much more exciting in a few weeks.  Breaking down these playoff scenarios with a tie in the mix will be ridiculous.  Grab a calculator and slide rule and let’s go have some fun.

23)   THE TEAM OF TWO.  That would be the A.D. at Florida and Will Muschamp, the only two people in the world who think that he should have a job.

24)   Joseph Fauria scored, so we must watch his dance.

25)   The Texans were possible Super Bowl contenders before the season.  NO arguments anywhere really.  Now, teams are looking at their schedule hoping they are on there.  The Jags last beat them, and Gary Kubiak’s house is on the market.

26)   They are idiots with all of the money they have, but I personally think the Yankees picking up Brian McCann was a smart move.

27)   There are Auburn people already in line for the Iron Bowl.  Great stuff.

28)   I was checking the mailbox daily and wondering where my ESPN Mag was.  Then, I noticed today I never sent the envelope.  Painful not to have it for more weeks.  Ugghhh.

29)   It is a shame that Browns WR Josh Gordon plays for a bad team.  I try to imagine what damage he would do if he had a real QB throwing to him and better position players around him.  Dude has WHEELS.

30)   That is it.  Going to go do something or nothing for my birthday.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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