Can we go back to the 80’s to see how Steel Dragon would have done on the charts?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock BIG time.  Quick work break-sanity check.  Speed SPEED version (really this time).  Let’s turn and burn.


1)       LeBron is the fastest player to 20k.  I am more impressed with his 5000 assists to go along with the points.  To the ex-boss, Steve, who constantly ragged on me for getting satellite feeds in the bar for high school Ohio basketball years ago, take THAT.

2)      The Bears hire Marc Trestman as their new coach.  Someone somewhere in Chicago is trying to find the movie Strange Brew in their hallway closet.

3)      Thomas Jones will donate his brain to science for concussion studies.  I assume that means AFTER he dies, right?

4)      Coke Zero is the best freaking non alcoholic beverage…like EVER.

5)      My fancy stat page tells me search terms people use that land them on my blog.  In the oddest one and longest one thus far… “vegas pool met linsey night “drunk” “her” room -harry -lohan –rihanna”

6)      I will be glad to talk about Te’o’s conspiracy…as soon as someone else figures out what the hell happened.  Strange, strange, strange…and makes Lance’s big interview with the TV Monster an afterthought in a way.

7)      I am SO sure there was no complaining from Bosh and Wade about their 4th quarter benching the other night.  Way to smile and nod, Dwayne.

8)      The USC locker room brawl story would have been made better for all of us if Lane Kiffin had ended up with a black eye.

9)      The MWC reinstated San Diego State into their conference.  I would say break out the flowchart, but I am already using it on the Te’o thing.

10)   Lovie Smith will sit out a year if he is not offered a HEAD coaching job.  Don’t feel sorry for him and his idleness…the Bears will pay him $5 million if he is unemployed next year.

11)   Knicks Rasheed Wallace is still not running after his injury.  Raise your hand if you thought if he would play more than 40 games this year at his age.  Thought so.

12)   The A-Rod surgery went well evidently.  See you at the All Star break, buddy.  You will be back just in time to flame out before and during the playoffs.

13)   Tiger wants Elin back as his wife.  He evidently already proposed to her and she is debating it.  His accountant is simultaneously throwing away all of his Perkins and strip club coupons as there will be a $350 million “cheating” clause.

14)   McCarron’s hot girlfriend will be on Inside Edition leading up to the Super Bowl.  Brent Musburger’s public drool suddenly made her employed for life.

15)   Spike Lee goes to London to watch his Knicks.  They call it being a hardcore fan.  I call it being rich and able to do anything I want.

16)   Congrats to my colleague, Brian.  Although his text went from “hanging out with Jessica Beale” to “she touched my chair when she left the table 5 feet away,”  a sighting is still a sighting.

17)   What is the over/ under on how long they should let that Stars in Danger-High Dive show go?  Whatever it is, we are already “over.”

18)   The audition scene from Rock Star still gives me goosebumps.  Steel Dragon might be a fake band, but the music in that movie is awesome.  When I first saw the movie, I started thinking about who COULD sing that high.  I narrowed it down to the guy from Steelheart, the guy from Queensryche, and Sebastian Bach from Skid Row.  The answer is the first one.

19)   About my hook yesterday saying Facebook’s Google retaliation called Graphic Search was too long and not catchy enough, I have a solution.  Call it Zucker.  When I look something up, I will say “I will just Zucker it.”

20)   I caught some of the Iowa State-West Virginia bball game last night.  Will Clyburn from Iowa State is a STUD.  He was Utah’s leading scorer before transferring, and he has the body for the NBA level.  Transfer U might not have as many names this year, but the two they have (Korie Lucious is the other) are solid.

21)   I am glad there is no football Saturday this week.  I need all of my concentration for the Syracuse-Louisville bball game.

22)   Maryland edged NC State last night, using a mini version of the Lorenzo Charles basket from their championship run.

23)   Someone was evicted again in the building right beside me.  Once again, I don’t own a lot of things, and saw a couple things I could use, but I just can’t do that to someone even when everyone else is looting it.

24)   Continuing the year of “I am not going with a big name” coaching hires, Seattle DC Gus Bradley gets a shot with Jacksonville.  I like the hire based on his results out west.

25)   If you recall, I said two months ago that I wondered which would happen first…the BCS title game or Boston and Mike Napoli finally completing the contract signing.  The BCS won, as Napoli finally signed today.

26)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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