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No structured format this week.  I am just talking here, rambling about the bracket until my final draft is completed tomorrow afternoon.  Per my system, I pick one draft NOT looking at locations, and then go through and adjust certain games based on geography.   This would be my version NOT factoring in geography.

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The committee evidently has a beef with Louisville.  Having Izzo and Coach K hanging out with them in the Midwest is not nice.  Then, you throw in my two calls from preseason, Creighton and St. Louis, and you are getting dirty.  Then, you throw in dangerous Colorado State and underachievers Memphis and you are getting carried away.  THEN, you get drunk evidently and throw in Oregon as a TWELVE seed, and you feel like throwing in the towel.  I still think they will get to Atlanta, but I am toying with the bracket still.  I smell an upset with Memphis as they are bipolar anyway.  I would LOVE St. Louis and Creighton in any other region but this one.  Hmmm.  What are my keys for success?  Guard play.  Check.  Coaching. Check.  Defense.  Check.  The one thing I DON’T like about Louisville is that they have a little lower FT% than I prefer for a team (71%).  TEAM: Louisville UPSET VICTIM: Memphis BEST FIRST GAME: CSU/ Oregon  TEAM THAT COULD MAKE A RUN: St. Louis


This would be the cakewalk region.  Here we were wondering if the Zags even GOT a #1 seed, and they end up with the easiest road.  I love some mild upsets in this region.  You might as well thrown on gloves for that Wichita State-Pitt game.  That will be ugly.  Ohio State seems to be a trendy pick.  I say they better watch their ass in their FIRST game against Iona.  Don’t sleep on that one.  Transfer U is down in that section, and I like them to take out Ohio State in the second round.  Bo Ryan will find a way to play the second weekend.  Know this.  In the 6th seed, you have Arizona/ the West’s version of Memphis.  I think that Gonzaga will get all it can handle in the second round.  I don’t love New Mexico as much as I like who they are playing.  TEAM: New Mexico UPSET VICTIM: Kansas State BEST FIRST GAME: Wichita St/ Pitt TEAM THAT COULD MAKE A RUN: Iowa State


Lots of fun out here.  Georgetown gets a killer (good way) draw if you ask me.  Their path puts them against very beatable teams.  This is a region that I have changed since last night.  And then changed back.  I like Michigan’s draw and see them having enough juice to get by VCU in the second round.  The committee had fun with this region, as you have a possible second round UNC/ Kansas game, along with matching up best friends in the first round game of VCU/ Akron.  You committee guys are so funny.  Anyway, UCLA’s penalty for losing the Pac-12 tourney was a delightful first game against Minnesota.  I like Minnesota in this game.  Florida is who I don’t know what to do with.  I am not sold on Georgetown, but I don’t like the manpower of Florida inside.  As I continue to stare at this region, my guy still tells me Michigan.  TEAM: Michigan UPSET VICTIM: UCLA BEST FIRST GAME: UNC/ Villanova TEAM THAT COULD MAKE A RUN: Minnesota


Indiana, NC State, UNLV, Syracuse.  What is that list?  My final four?  No.  But, that is not a bad list, right?  That are ALL in the same quadrant.  Wow.  Anyway, once again, I think that Indiana is the best team out here as Louisville is in theirs, but the road is pretty tough.  I have two big upsets out here.  I think Montana might beat Syracuse, and I LOVE Davidson over Marquette-bad matchup for Marquette.  Miami has a clear path, but I urge them not to sleep on Colorado if they see them in the second round.  I could see UNLV making a run in this region if Montana can take out Syracuse for them.  This is not an easy region, but I think Indiana and Miami will take care of business.  TEAM: Indiana UPSET VICTIM: Marquette and Syracuse TEAM THAT COULD MAKE A RUN; Davidson

I just noticed I didn’t pick a 12 seed winning.  By tomorrow, I will probably splurge for Oregon or Akron.

More information will be coming.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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