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  1. Greetings and salutation, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Another cast of no organization.  Too busy at work with a trade show this week, and WE hold a conference next week, so it will just get worse (along with now being in the fourth quarter of a sales year), so let’s do this.  I have sit around time tomorrow and Sunday watching football, but I have too long of list, so let’s bust out one tonight.  Old school rule when I am overloaded.  ONE sentence per hook cast.  One sentence (is allowed to be a run on sentence) per thought.  Let’s move.
  3. Backwards as always…
  4. No intern, and no additional time, so no edits or grammatical fixes.
  5. WHO turned off the Indians-Yankees game (you missed some stuff)?
  6. I am watching it on a stream as I write…bottom of the tenth right now.
  7. I don’t know how to turn off my Google alerts, it is driving my OCD crazy, it is including NBA preseason which is useless on all levels, but WAS kind of handy when waking up Monday morning flying TO Vegas.
  8. I will let the pro’s who get paid to do it write the stuff you read…but sad, sad stuff how there are characters out there not looking to kill just ONE person but multiple people.
  9. Pretty cool that two of the more aloof players in MLB but are FROM Vegas (Bryant and Harper) are competing against each other ON the field but teaming up OFF the field to help Vegas healing.
  10. The Sonic commercials are one of the few groupings of commercials that I think are A) growing on me even more and B) getting funnier.
  11. Kevin McHale says that James Harden is not a true leader, and that is ok for him to say and for him to BE, as bringing in Paul is a great call as he IS a leader, and no one is disputing the brilliance of Harden ON the court.
  12. Some players just DO.
  13. Sometimes I forget how long I have been at my job, I just found out my CEO just turned 40, and that is just…crazy…to me.
  14. Dude is brilliant and there is a reason I get to work at 630 every day when I don’t have to.
  15. …or do work evenings and on weekends when I WANT to (or HAVE to depending on your paradigm).
  16. I saw Blade Runner in the 80’s and it remains on the short list of sci-fi movies I love, and plan on taking care of this and watching it again tonight before forcing my wife to go see it tomorrow night with me.
  17. When you own the MoviePass, why not as it is $10 a month off Groupon.
  18. IF you are like me and need guidance before spending two hours of your life watching a sci-fi movie you might not like, Deadspin would like to help us filter through the garbage.
  19. One of the non-feasible but FUN rule changes I would have for MLB would be to not make it mandatory to announce your future pitchers in playoff games, as I think the strategical methods on both sides would make it more fun.
  20. Things are good at UGA, as their football team is undefeated and showing glimpses of college football playoff possibility along with keeping the #1 recruit, a QB, in the state and away from Bama (Justin Fields).
  21. With a last name like that, I assume being in sports was just natural.
  22. Things are going so well for them that their LB’s are wanting to get high during the week when not in a legal state to do so.
  23. It really doesn’t matter what happens in the end of my boring Friday night, as it was free pizza day at work and that made for a very successful day already at 1230pm.
  24. I PLANNED on watching the soccer match tonight, but by the time I got settled into the couch, they were up 3-0, the Indians were coming back, and basically too many other things were going on.
  25. Nice job, USMNT in cementing our status of deserved teams for the WC, and crazy that a couple of other heavyweights (Argentina, Italy, and Netherlands are still fighting along also).
  26. I admit to not fully reading all of the articles about the car crash outside a Clemson practice, but was the student who crashed a graduate student or something as Dabo knew her since he was 8 years old?
  27. Or should the headline have been he knew her since SHE was 8?
  28. Confused, yet not researching at all.
  29. 1344 games is a LONG time to never be in the playoffs, and congrats to Adam that the streak is now over.  #adamlind
  30. Getting back on Thursday night from a work trade show is weird, because I go to work the next day and it feels like a Monday, and yet by midday (and free pizza), you realize it is everyone else’s FRIDAY and things are great.
  31. Well, except for the need to work on the weekend in front of football.
  32. I was on a “new” Southwest plane last night, and before you get all excited about what is latest and greatest on planes, it pretty much is just the same with different lights and a little cleaner.
  33. But, I get excited about that because I guess it is better than going on an OLD plane, right?
  34. After beating a good Louisville team last night at home a week after giving FSU all they could handle, I think NC State is probably a football team you don’t want on your schedule for the remainder of the season.
  35. I had plenty of days to take the long walk, and kind of sad I didn’t go get Animal Style at In-N-Out this past week…sad.
  36. WHY aren’t they not like…everywhere???
  37. There is just something NON fast food tasting about In-N-Out…
  38. After reading that 98% of Adidas payments to the school went to Pitino, I feel like you could write just about anything about Pitino right now and I would believe it.
  39. Why did they report he was selling his house like we care about his living situation?
  40. The Bucs had a chance to make a statement game last night versus the Pats, didn’t, and after reading the summary of the game, kind of confused mixed with happy about Winston somehow still pulling 20 points for me in fantasy.
  41. Hey, Gronk owners, NOW you know how I felt ALL last season (except I got suckered into using a FIRST round pick on him.
  42. I know, Richard Sherman, you don’t care about our fantasy teams.
  43. Maybe Richard would like to know that last week I oddly won with a good score with my two RB’s getting less than 10 pts COMBINED…amazing.
  44. Harper gets corn rows, Lin gets dread locks, and suddenly I am thinking Kyrie might be right about the earth’s shape.
  45. LOVE Lin’s classy response to Martin except that I think this tweet says it a LITTLE better.  
  46. Kobe says he would kneel for the anthem if he was playing today, and that means this week is a failure (except for free pizza today) because Kobe, I DON’T CARE what you would do about ANYTHING ever again.
  47. Maybe we can pretend he is still playing and have him kneel in front of Ravens fans so they can oddly boo him.
  48. I care about where OJ is presently about TEN times more than anything Kobe tells us.
  49. Sometimes it is just “nice” when the best player in the game has one of THOSE games, and Altuve sure did THAT with three HR’s.
  50. With the Raptors extending Norman Powell, I feel like their entire team is a roster of guys I ALMOST have to look up before I think REALLY hard and figure out where they went to school.
  51. I grasp the general concept, but will someone please write a full article on HOW these smart watches are tipping pitches?
  52. I sat next to a 75 year old guy on the plane who was hitting on the stewardess and gave a big “69” when she used the “code number” questioning system for us folks in the exit row.
  53. But, on the note of 69 (don’t worry, I won’t get dirty here), THIS is so much better of a way to say the term 69.
  54. I will get into it a little more in a bit, but when I was at my work trade show in Vegas, during floor hours, someone dropped something VERY heavy somewhere on the Sands floor, and for a very brief split second (given the events of Sunday), everyone FROZE and looked around with a scared look on their face.
  55. I had to do “work stuff” obviously, so I couldn’t make the two speeches by Magic Johnson and Willie Nelson.
  56. I might disagree with the one game playoff format of the wildcard game, but I DO agree that moments like this were fun the other night.
  57. I did NOT know that Bradley initially was recruited as a QB for OU.
  58. The Rockies went down after continuing to claw back, and then lost on a pitcher hit triple…
  59. Memphis is pummeling UCONN right now, and Riley Ferguson has thrown SEVEN TD passes.
  60. Meanwhile, the Indians-Yanks games goes on…
  61. Terrelle Pryor probably was acting on the N-word a fan used, but maybe he has himself as a fantasy player and is frustrated like me.
  62. Not there are ANY doubters about Connor McDavid’s brilliance on the ice, but if there were, he made sure to rectify them by getting a hat trick in his opener.
  63. In fantasy my buddy is playing me A) with two starting WR’s on a bye B) Montgomery being questionable C) a four player bench and D) when my bench players I COULD drop have already played last night in Tampa (Howard, Rodgers).
  64. You know I LOVE The Eliminator on ESPN (deletes teams that are officially out for the playoff even if they run the table) and VERY proud that for about 24 hours, UVA made the fifth week still ON the good list.
  65. It doesn’t matter, as it probably all ends tomorrow against Duke.
  66. You might dislike him for odd reasons, but we all know that Barry Melrose knows his stuff, and if you are in Tampa, you like his pick for the year.
  67. The NHL power rankings came out, and Philly is #23, which I will take, since the Phillies haven’t been above 23 in a power ranking in like 5 years.
  68. I ate at California Pizza Kitchen the other night in Vegas and THEY invented the mastery that is the BBQ chicken pizza??????
  69. I had no clue, but I guess never really thought about it either as I figured some drunk guy in Memphis or KC did it.
  70. Indians WIN!!!!
  71. I will tell you that IF the Indians lost that game after they came back from 5 runs down, it would be the most depressing 1-1 series ever for them.
  72. Now I can watch only ONE baseball game while blogging.
  73. In my baby over under bet of Friday night games, I teased the under in that Memphis game to be under 80.5 pts, and Riley and friends presently have 63 by themselves.
  74. At least Riley is out of the game now.
  75. I sincerely have TRIED to like Cam Newton after all of these years, but HOW do you like someone who says something, apologizes, but you just know the apology is hollow because what came out of his mouth WAS his true feelings?
  76. This is a week after he raises his fist after a score???
  77. Nassir is going to UNC bball, and I along with many, many people are just glad Duke didn’t get him too.
  78. I was afraid Duke might have to get a longer bench for their All-Americans.
  79. We ALL love how Jay Cutler and friends tried to spin this, and if it was an isolated incident, we would forgive, but it is the 100’s of OTHER things the crybaby has done that make him so hateable.
  80. Bottom of the screen, you’all and London people who didn’t pay attention to the great effort we sent across the ocean to you.
  81. Actually, click it on Deadspin as it is funnier.
  82. Before you think the Sabres are overpaying Mr. Eichel, remember that the kid had 24 goals on the year…after MISSING the first 21 games.
  83. I can have fun not drinking with people who are drinking, but still getting used to the process of leaving with those same folks, as even on a bunch of Iced Tea caffeine, everyone moves…SO slow.
  84. I was alert and paying to other things and noticed that at the Tap at MGM, there was no jukebox, yet the music hit one new Def Leppard and one old Def Leppard in three songs, which I found very odd music choice.
  85. I love Def Leppard, but two songs five albums apart randomly played within a four song frame???
  86. And it wasn’t Pandora since that is too fast of turnaround for that along with the fact the other two songs were non glam rock.
  87. I had a burger with pastrami on it at the Tap and considering I ate 5 macaroni and cheese bites before tackling this thing, it was delicious.
  88. The Mirage just has so-so rooms…don’t change your schedule to stay there.
  89. On my room ranking system, yes on the constant fan, yes on the good work area, no on the free fridge, and no on the walk-in shower (the most important item).
  90. The Mirage pool had a waterfall, which was cool, but nothing of note besides that.
  91. After Antonio Brown’s cooler battle, Big Ben called him out and he SHOULD call him out.
  92. Don’t be THAT WR guy, Brown, and just know that at 3-1 with not all gears hitting, as you would say, business is booming.
  93. If the Chiefs somehow lose to the tough Texans this week (which could happen), the Steelers are pretty much the best team in the league outside of Denver just because there is a ridiculous amount of parity right now.
  94. That forgotten play in the Chiefs-Skins game on Monday must have been crazy to watch at the sports book, as the score went from within 7 pts and beating the spread, to outside the 7 pts, winning the tease AND the teased over in a couple of seconds.
  95. I know because I was in the latter category luckily.
  96. …Watching it unfortunately with two Skins fans who had the unteased points…double whammy (money and fandom).
  97. You hate to see any young player go down early in his NFL career, but REALLY sad about Dalvin Cook, as he might have been the most promising runner that had come along at the pro level in years.
  98. LaVar Ball wants to pull his son from school and into home schooling as bad as I want to pull that dude in an alley and bust him up a little so he can STOP TALKING ON A MIC.
  99. The Morris twins were found not guilty of their assault charge but still are guilty than underperforming to JUST the point where they can still keep NBA jobs.
  100. So, the women’s soccer team decides to get all oinery at the place where there are kids who may or may not want to be like them in sports someday with Mickey Mouse present?
  101. Go to a dive bar and get in a fight…much easier, Alex.
  102. The NBA will change ASG format and pick teams and ignore conferences, and this is dumb fun, and unsure of the small print where it says they actually have to PLAY to make it different for watching fans.
  103. Two things in closing.
  104. One.  Vegas was different obviously.  I won’t get into it except to say it was felt down The Strip more than I thought it would.  The $10 Blackjack tables not only had openings, but had no one at the table.  People were on The Strip drinking, but you could almost see a cloud over all of them.  The Bellagio fountains were shut down for the night (I know because I realized I was waiting for them for 20 minutes).  There simply was an elephant in the room.  A dealer told me on Sunday that a stampede ran in a little after the incident and people were running in all different directions, into staff places, and they had to initiate emergency protocol they trained for.  This was at The Mirage, well down the road.  That amazes me.  I can’t imagine being in that quadrant during that time.
  105. Two.  Tom Petty was a big loss this week.  Without stealing words from the pro’s, I would say he had the odd knack of making a simple, basic song sound brilliant and its own sound and niche.  Hard to do in these days of no new ideas.  He thrived in multiple eras in quality discussions AND the charts.  Also tough to do.  You left your mark on music without a doubt and will be missed.  I had two favorite songs by this guy.  One was Free Fallin, which my buddy, Howie, and I used to sing at the top of our lungs on Sunday while stocking the shelves at Discount Liquors in Bridgeton.  The other one was Here Comes My Girl, which is simply a great, great, down to earth song.
  106. That’s it for tonight.  I might check in Sunday watching football.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  107. Going to watch the original Blade Runner…
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