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So, I am going to hear a symphony play Led Zeppelin at an outdoor venue.  I am mad I will miss bball game, but I could think of worse things from Groupon.  Anyway, here is my hitlist I hope to hear.  Note that there is NO bad Led Zeppelin song that I have found.

In no particular order, because you can’t differentiate from great to greater:

-Stairway to Heaven


-Immigrant Song

-Ramble On

-All my Love

-Dazed and Confused

-Good Times, Bad Times

-Song Remain the Same (don’t think the symphony would do well on this one)

-Hey, Hey, What Can I Do

-When the Levee Breaks

-Babe I’m Going to Leave You (my favorite)

-Fool in the Rain

-Going to California

-(Whole Lotta Love and Black Dog I respect, but think the symphony should skip)

-Any freaking song they feel like playing by this magnificent band

-I am sure I forgot a couple

NOTE:  John and Bri, thanks for the cancellation.  Staying away from a concert because it is raining is for the weak.  Much love though.  Just bring plastic bags…

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