Because, you know, after tonight…then…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

ON the clock even though it is Friday evening just about.  Old format until after the Madness.  Games start soon.  One speed version before the monster rant tomorrow.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart BOTH will stay at their respective schools.  UCLA has history and bipolar talent, but you have to love these guys.  They overachieve while the big boys are salivating, and every year they rank their family, kids, and school higher than any dream job.  Either that or one of the big dogs has whispered in their ears to just wait for them to retire.  Both are young.  They aren’t in a rush.  Solid, and classy.  They prefer to try and wreck your bracket next year again.

2)      The Heat finally lose to the Bulls.  I wonder if that accelerates the Derrick Rose timeline at all.  Impressive win in a world where no one knows if anyone in the East can even go six or seven games with these guys.

3)      LaQuinton hit a long 3 to beat Arizona.  If you care, he dressed in Kobe’s locker before he hit that shot.  By the way, I know refs don’t want to make mistakes, but did they really review that shot that was about 5 feet behind the line?

4)      I predicted the upset, but didn’t think it was going to be an ass-whipping.  Marquette rolled Miami.  Missing big man Reggie Johnson and having less experienced guards killed them.  Screw it.  If my bracket is done (IU), then I want everyone’s bracket done.  I hope we have FGCU-Wichita State in the championship.

4a)  Did Tom Crean forget about practicing playing against a 2-3 zone for some reason?  Boeheim has only played it for like 50,000 years.

5)      Just kidding.  I think we are aligning to Louisville or Michigan State vs. either KU or Michigan.

6)      Why is Florida not on that list?  Because I, like every other person in America, am rooting for FGCU tonight.  My brain says that UF wins by 21 still, but I will be pulling for FGCU for fun.

7)      The Mets Johan Santana is already injured.  Just what the Mets need-another slow start.  Maybe the Cubs and Mets should just combine teams.

8)      Texas Tech has contacted ex-Minnesota coach Tubby Smith.  Wait it out, Tubby.  I don’t know if you like L.A., but if anyone can get those talented bipolar kids’ heads right at UCLA, it might be you.

9)      I didn’t finish my blog in time because of other distractions.  UL-Oregon has started.  Oregon is down, but has caught a break.  Siva already has two fouls.  That is a break they need.  Meanwhile, they still look like they didn’t know what true speed looked like.  I am telling you.  Oregon better have practiced this week playing against 7 guys with 5.

10)   How PERFECT!!!!  Floyd Mayweather is a captain on my Rant Squad.  He sets up a fight.  What happens?  The guy he is going to fight gets busted for gun charges.  Give me a flow chart.  That is perfect in so many ways.

11)   A-Rod officially makes more than the ENTIRE Houston Astros TEAM.  That is sad…for one or both of the parties.

12)   Oh.  I was talking about who might challenge the Heat.  Well, the Pacers just lost Danny Granger for the season.  Without him, they are decent.  With him, they are dangerous.  We might as well advance the Heat right now.

13)   Contract news.  The Giants are all in evidently.  They sign Buster Posey to 8/159, re-up their GM, and re-up their manager.  You can’t argue with their results I suppose.

14)   Louisville is now up 24-8 with Siva on the sideline.  Russ Smith is doing his thing…looking like he is about to take a bad shot, take it, and it somehow goes in.

15)   The Detroit Tigers signed Justin Verlander for 7/180.  I am not big on giving pitchers this big of contracts considering they pitch one out of every five games, but when a guy is his age, throws his velocity, stays as healthy as he does, is classy, and…you get the point.

16)   The Cowboys upped Tony Romo’s contract to 6/108.  Let me get this straight.  He is just outside of the five highest paid QB’s.  He has trouble making the playoffs.  Twelve teams make the playoffs.  It doesn’t make sense.  Jerry must have gotten depressed and just started drinking every day.

17)   This is incredible.  Jason Dufner/ the guy you know because he is on every first round leaderboard before fading away quickly visited some kids.  He has gone viral, and is subconsciously trying to give the Tebowing movement a run.

18)   That is it.  Basketball to watch.  Maybe Oregon is waiting for me to finish blogging before they act like they prepped for this game.  Or maybe I will just watch the Michigan-Kansas game.  Anyway, will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Monster one tomorrow.  Peace.

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