Because Sammy told me to…

1-0, all day long. Same.  Same. Same.

Freaking out?  Watch the entire first game?  You ok?  I am.  And I will tell you why.

I have been telling people for about 30 years, so I HOPE he said it, but even if he didn’t, it is still cool.  If you are going to miss a shot, miss BIG.  Don’t paint the line.  Hit it in the stands.  McEnroe.  Where am I going with this?  Well, the Cavs are down 1-0 if they lost by 1 or 50.  It is one game.  And I have money on this for the series.

When one team has 4 turnovers and the other has 20, the former team will win.  Side note.  LeBron James?  Hear of that guy?  He is down one game with another chance to steal Game 2.  It doesn’t freaking matter if he lost Game 1.  Quit it.  Since there are 14 days between games anyway, he will be rested and ready to go.  I get it.  The Warriors are LOADED.  But, read my last blog as to why A) I am rooting for LeBron B) think they will actually win.  Don’t get sucked in, people.  There is only ONE basketball.  Too many people need shots.  Here is the rub. A) the Warriors have more AS guys who can be off one night and be fine B) the Cavs have less.  But, that ONE is LeBron.  I don’t even care if they win tonight.  Because it is SUPPOSED to happen that way.  2-2-1-1-1.  Home court blah blah blah.  JFC (that is unfortunately what I say when I am the ultimate of pissed off-you figure it out).  They are fine.  I might even go money on tonight.

Please read my last blog.  It is important.  My buddy, Rob, either A) knows that not a lot of people read this blog or B) can’t write worth a damn because he didn’t write me my guest blog.  We are different people.  I would write this if my stats said zero.  I feel SO uplifted just getting this shit off my chest, and, quite frankly, am not sure what I did BEFORE I started blogging.  Maybe that is why I fought more.

It might be 2-0 after tonight.  It might be a win by 50 points.  It doesn’t matter.  Because 1-0 and 2-0 are the exact same things whether it is a buzzer beater or 60 point loss.  Game score is still the same.  Boom.

Side notes:

-Let’s remember that when a team goes down 2-0, it is SUPPOSED to be that way.  Hence, 5-1 Nashville.  Everyone relax.  It is going 7 games.

-Whenever I think about how I love my Steelers but hate Steelers fans, I meet another Steelers fan.  Steelers fans suck.

-There is a Top Gun II coming out?  Listen, there is no bigger fan, and I quote Rounders, Seinfeld, and Top Gun about 20 times a day (maybe EACH), but…let that one rest.  Just need one, folks.

-So, we are so out of ideas that Tom Cruise is doing The Mummy and Top Gun back to back?

-Remember, I write for Rotoden starting June 18th.  I will be focused and on point.

-Anyone still thinking about writing off Nadal? 6-0. 6-1. 6-1 in the “Nadal Open?”

-I so almost put Madison Keys as my darkhorse French Open pick, and glad I didn’t write it.

-If you don’t like tennis, it is because you don’t understand it, or haven’t been hit in the nuts by my forehand.  I was pretty awesome at tennis, and we had the frat version of a tennis team.

-I have been wrong before, sure.  But, there is NO way Chris Paul ends up on the Spurs.  No freaking way.  Plus, next year is an even year (focus, focus…).

-Vick wants a one day contract.  Vick wants to be a QB coach.  Thank you, Michael Vick, for making me less pissed off about Tim Tebow headlines.  I didn’t think it could happen.

-Cats are so weird.  So, Saturday I wake up by myself and both cats are right by my head.  Adorable.  Sunday, they were nowhere to be found, and I thought I might have left them outside last night.  I didn’t.  Safe. TCM.

-Make no mistake about our poker game.  We are very, very good, and although I have an asterisk for getting the host three rebuy rule, I still ended up third at…3am.

-I figure I won $50 because of the fact we didn’t finish before bar time and go spend money.  Brilliant rationalization.

-When Ross gets 6th, you know there are good players.

-No, I didn’t beat Rob, although I did bluff him twice, so that is saying something.  My favorite person, Casey, won.  Fun Guy.  Had two good river hits, and played nicely about 90% of the time.  I was at a 81% clip.

-And yes, I watched the last 22 minutes of the greatest movie after.  Rounders.

-I am aware I don’t have a lot of friends.  But, I have four tickets to Panic in three weeks and need a friend who will realize the day/ night will be a train wreck and accept that.

-I am waiting for one more mimosa to order the Morning Mac and Cheese.  I walked down here FOR this.

-Yup, The District won over golf and church for my morning activities.

-I think the MLB Harper-Strickland suspensions were fair.

-You might think I haven’t seen enough Tiger Woods jokes, but you would be wrong.  My favorite thus far is a pic of him from 2011 with the first half SB score and the second being his prescription drug/ non alcohol photo.  Pats tweet obviously.  By the way, prescription drug problem or not, why was he out at 3am IF he might have had drug interaction problems.  Watch a movie.  Eat a salad.  I remember when I was his biggest fan of all time.

-I find it very, very, very hard to believe that LeBron James is globally more famous than Messi globally.  BS.  Soccer rules globally.  LeBron is chump change in the big scheme.  Only Ali was global.  Maybe MJ.

-Whatever technology they have, I am glad Mike Trout will be back sooner.  Jersey, Angels fans aside, you still have to recognize he might be the best of all time, and if he isn’t, he will be in five more years.  Stats.  No one thought he could get better.  He is better in all categories this year.  Incredible.

-My brother works out with him during the winter, and I will assume that is why he is getting better, since my brother pretty much drags tractor trailers and farm tires around in his off time.

– I think that ESPN firing John Clayton is BS, and his SportsCenter commercial still might be the best one ever…even better than the Oregon Ducks one.

-I miss some things.  So, someone vandalized the house and called HIM a racist?  I am embarrassed as a white person.

-This is a note to myself more than you.  Someone told me I would love the move “The Invitation.”  Noted.

-I didn’t watch Get Out yesterday, but am knocking that out later today.  Have to.  Tired of hearing about it with vagueness.

-Of course the Clippers are eyeing up Jerry West.  Just like the other 29 or so other teams.

-Memo to Margaret Court.  Shut the hell up.  Not only did you make a gender negative statement, but you hit BALLS with her.  You are ridiculous.  Take your 24 Slams and…

-My mom reads this.  Had to stop that statement.

-Of COURSE the Browns will say Osweiler looks good.  Don’t they HAVE to give hope to their fans????

-Goosetown Tavern still might be my favorite bar on earth besides The Lazy Lizard in Belize.  Adjective/ Animal.  Always a lock.

-Anyone else weirded out that Dez Bryant took anything CLOSE to the high road?

-Listen.  Listen closely.  Floyd, you might hate, but he will beat the living CRAP out of McGregor in boxing.  I will watch it of course still, but Floyd is arguably the best boxer of all time and no MMA guy is coming into that ring and beating him.  Sorry.

-I think that if you took the average, I eat spaghetti about 13 times a week.

-11 with some kind of tomato sauce and 2 with cheese sauce and the hottest hot sauce on the planet that makes me sweat uncontrollably.

-I really want to write about Trump, but I can’t.  All I will say is that I voted Hillary and I am oddly proud of that.

-I feel like the final words of the national spelling bee contest get shorter, although I still couldn’t spell them.

-My wife is in Cabo and sent me a pic of Land’s End.  Beyond the extreme jealously I have, someday I WILL meet Sammy Hagar and will probably die drinking with him.

-Either die that way, or go think I can conquer the riptides in Cabo.

-I truly believe I am Aquaman.  Truly.

-I just bought the guy’s breakfast next to me randomly and everyone should do this daily-what a feeling it gives you and that person.

-There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who like GOT and those who oddly don’t.  Casey won’t even entertain conversation about it and that is the. only. thing I don’t like about that guy.  Only thing.

-I feel like Jeremy Maclin will be a great trivia question someday.  Maybe even right now.

-Zaire heading to UF and being able to play immediately is quietly a really, really big college football story.

-Derek Fisher is such a great guy that I might even write off him flipping his car.  SUCH a good guy.

-Subban, you might have smelly breath, but you still are a rock star and one of the toughest dudes to put skates on.

-Summer Nights and Cabo Wabo are two of the greatest songs of all time.  And I would go see Van Hagar before Roth.  AND, Hagar still has a voice and just looks like a guy not trying to make money and just jamming out…

-That’s it, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat), hope you enjoyed, and if not, maybe you are just more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.



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