Because I was inverted…

The Buster 11.  PROMISE they go better than last week, and I am on the record.

South Carolina -5 at Tennessee.  Intimidating place to play does not overcome a much, much better team.

Eastern Michigan +16.5 (H) vs. Ohio.  I don’t know much about either team.  I DO know that a teammate shot to death will probably at least help them put a scare to Ohio.

Stanford -4.5 (H) vs. UCLA.  UCLA is hot.  Stanford is good and at home.  Had Stanford not lost last week, I probably would not touch this one.

Maryland -5 at Wake.  There is no way Maryland is as shaky as they looked last week against a weak UVA team.  And there IS a way every year that Wake is bad.

Ohio State (H) vs. Iowa.  I might have taken this game if Ohio State was away.  Damn straight I would take it at home.

Auburn +13.5 at A&M.  I tried to step outside the I Hate Johnny Football box, and still liked this game.  Auburn is sneaky good, and A&M has to look uneventful at some point.

Washington +3 at Arizona State.  Listen.  Washington was only down 14 against Oregon going into the fourth quarter.  That is GOOD.

Ole Miss +9 (H) vs. LSU.  My least favorite pick on this list, but it still makes it.  Ole Miss simply has a ridiculous schedule, but kept up with A&M nicely last week.

Pitt (H) no spread vs. ODU.  Pitt might be down, but it IS ODU, and they ARE at home.

Notre Dame (H) -2.5 vs. USC.  USC is not that good for some reason, and Notre Dame knows this game either takes them to a BCS bowl or boots them out.

Clemson (H) +3 vs. FSU.  Big game.  Taking the home team because I think this spread is actually inverted.  Top Gun inverted.

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