Beat The Flamingo Kid as the first PG-13 movie ever…

I usually take off Sundays, but since I am just sitting here watching this massacre…quick thoughts during commercials…

1)  Did Marquette think that Syracuse was going to trick them and play man to man for the first time in 70,000 years?

2)  Watching Trey Burke and one of his fellow players (McGary) on fire is fun (KU game).  Watching them ALL be on fire is what is beautiful about basketball.  Yes, Stauskas is my favorite NCAA player.  He is Canadian too, so his “getting out of the ghetto” is “NOT playing hockey.”

3)  The Penguins are still winning.  They are not even staying unbeaten (Chicago).  They are WINNING.  Why is this not getting more press?

4)  I like the fact that Southwest Airlines picked Fun’s Some Nights as their theme song.  I still get scared on a full flight if someone made a booking mistake since you pick your own seat, but they are pretty hip overall.  Frontier #1.  Southwest #2.

5)  The Buffalo Bills have picked up QB Kevin Kolb.  Their QB uncertainty has me thinking they are following the Arizona Cardinals rebuilding plan.

6)  Andy Pettite wants another World Series.  Thanks, Andy.  In related news, A-Rod just wants to make sure his checks are on time.  Vernon Wells, Zack Greinke, and Rashard Lewis also laughed at this joke.

7)  The Minnesota Gophers are aiming high.  They fired a future Hall of Famer after a tourney win against a higher seed with the #1 recruiting class, had the toughest schedule in the nation, and still seem confused on why Flip Saunders recently turned them down.

8)  Former Bama AD Mal Moore dies at 73, proving age and death is the only thing that could go wrong for Bama football these days.

9)  I would like to hear Charles Barkley say the word “perfectly” three consecutive times.  Just sounds fun.

10)  Stop giving Doug Gottlieb crap on his white joke.  He could play back in the day, he is my boy, he DOES work on the same set with three other non white guys, and everyone just go and watch White Men Can’t Jump right now.  You are good, Doug.

11)  Wichita State is in the Final Four.  Solid team, people.  I told you that Creighton and Wichita State were hidden gems, and the only reason they weren’t bigger news is because they play in the same conference and beat up on each other.

12)  I am glad I am a retired bettor.  I will admit that I would have lost EVERYTHING on that Michigan State game.  I will also say that if I had anything left, I would be happy as I would have bet ALL of the remaining assets on Michigan today.

13)  Morgan Freeman has ANOTHER movie coming out.  That is TWO movies.  Once again, will we be all depressed when he stops making movies?

14)  Mitch McGary.  Get to know his name.  Scouts only found him because they were scouting the OTHER four players in the lineup.  Now, HE is the reason they are coming to watch.  Dave Cowens, Bob Pettit, and Will Perdue all rolled into one.

15)  After some drinks last night, somehow I decided that if I was in prison, and had one  last meal, it would have something to do with deviled eggs, bacon, prosciutto, and Havarti cheese.  I am a simple man.

16)  It is on my list, and I never stray from my list.  I can’t figure out whether my girl, Lindsey, is incredible in general, or incredible because she is the only person on this earth who accepts me AS IS.  The things that have irritated every other girl are “quirks” to her.  I am sure she would trade out my stinky feet, my 65 hour work week, me voluntarily going into work at 615 everyday, my basketball addiction, and the uncertainty of whether I like her or my blog better (there are MANY more deficiencies), but the bottom line is she is a true blessing to my life.  I can’t imagine a day without her.  Thanks for the intro, Steph and Rob.

17)  It is halftime of this game.  Bottom line.  Something has to give.  Florida likes to score points after forcing turnovers.  Michigan leads the nation in fewest turnovers per game.  Guess who is winning that battle?  I think if Donovan had a week to prepare, he would have a chance.  With two days, talent overrides all possible preparation.

18)  Kobe passes Wilt on the scoring list and alludes that he is doing this season and one more.  He is trying to pull a Jordan or Elway, but it is SO tough to walk out on top.  I hate you, but I also hope I don’t have to tell someone “he USED to be SO good.”  Good luck, bro.

19)  If Notre Dame women’s basketball makes the final, it will be their third straight trip-lost their first two.  Aside from the 2001 championship ( yes, I had to look that up), they are trying to be the Buffalo Bills.

20)  I had a joke for the fact that UK’s PG Ryan Harrow was transferring, as I despise Calipari.  Then, I found out that he chose Georgia State to be close to his sick dad.  Good luck, kid.  Sorry.  Please stay healthy, my mom and dad.

21)  Usain Bolt had his first race this year.  He won the 150m street race by .49.  I didn’t use to run track, and am no genius, but that sounds like a LOT to me.

22)  If you have free time, and like basketball, track the whole “dunk city” FGCU patent story, and let me know how it turns out.

23)  Stauskas is on FIRE.  LOVE that guy.

24)  That is it for the bonus blog.  Easter festivities should be over by the UL-Duke game, so I hope you have a QUALITY excuse if you miss it.  I am getting goosebumps right now THINKING about it.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

25)  Don’t get the theme?  Really?  WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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