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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

NOT on the clock, and considering that I haven’t blogged since the beginning of last week, I have a feeling we are in for the first rant with more than 100 hooks.  I have “set up camp” as I call it.  The visual is this.  Brackets and sports magazines laying all around me, feet propped up, computer on my lap, remote next to me, mini snow storm outside, and all day to do nothing but clear this huge list I have been accumulated since my last blog.  Back from Vegas, and can’t say I am unhappy about it.  I have no interest in going anywhere that costs money nor with people.  Here we go.

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1)     Here is the irony I was thinking about last night.  Parity is high this year obviously in NCAA basketball.  Whereas that parity will have lesser known smaller teams knock off the decent teams, we might still end up with all four #1 seeds in the Final Four.  Reasoning?  Their path might end up being clearer because of other upsets.  As dynamo as Marshall Henderson is, you think Gonzaga is not HAPPY that Wisconsin is out?

2)    Lindsey has a broader understanding of betting in March Madness now after Vegas.  I believe it came down to one game.  While everyone was freaking out about the Davidson breakdown to Marquette as far as their bracket (since I had them in the Sweet Sixteen), I didn’t care.  Why?  I got 3.5 points.  I was VERY happy about the win by Marquette.  That was the moment of reckoning.

3)    I was happy until I put all of those winnings on UNLV (I was kind of swayed by my new friends next to me at the Caesars sports book).  It was a pleasure, Nick and Chris.  I hope you slept through betting on Wisconsin the next day.

4)    Sure, there was a free shuttle that went to it, but Caesars was the place for me for betting all day on Thursday.  I roll in sandals, backwards hat, and cargo shorts.  I fit in just fine there.

5)    Can you imagine Minnesota’s squad if Colton Iverson didn’t transfer to CSU?

6)    It doesn’t have a casino in it, but don’t discount the Trump as a place to stay in Vegas.  Great price, free shuttles with great drivers (thanks for everything, Louie), great service, decent pool, and if they somehow could have changed my blackjack luck at other places, it would have been perfect.  The shower rocked.  Oh, and our night at the Flamingo might as well been a Motel 8.

7)    The Hyde Lounge I believe has moved to the #2 spot as far as my favorite Vegas bars (Voodoo Lounge will never move from #1 I think).  How can you argue with being CLOSER to the Bellagio fountain show every 30 minutes?  Thanks to the Greek mafia guy who bought our first 3 rounds.  You rock, George.

8)    I still can’t get enough of the AT&T kid commercials.  They have incorporated basketball into them and I laugh out loud still.

9)    Is there a joke in the golf commercials for Rocketballz that I am missing?  They say the name of the company like 30 times in the commercial.  Confused.

10)                       Hey, Paul Pierce, you are not going to beat the Heat by allowing the old ball off the back inbounds play we learned about when we were 8 years old at basketball camps.  Hubie Brown announcing that game was classic as always.

11)                       The reason this will be an “all day” blog is because the second round of games is starting.  VERY distracted.

12)                       Reason to read your email.  I was getting a drink of water from the work kitchen when an email came out.  I read it carefully when I got back and immediately responded after 2 minutes.  The email was about a half marathon in San Diego.  Evidently, my company is offering a free trip to the first 5 people who responded.  I am still 5 back on the waiting list.  Damn.  Best town in America, and I would be HAPPY to train a little to run in that beach town.

13)                       Sometimes I get confused why I live in Denver.  No beach.  I don’t even smoke up or ski.  Confused.

14)                       Jason Terry, you might have just been reacting, but you are a nice addition to the most posterized people of all time in the NBA.  LeBron did something very dirty on you.  Wrong place, wrong time.  Nice tweet by the way, LeBron.  “It was a pleasure.”  Remember that you have the same amount of championship rings though as him.

15)                       I am watching Memphis and Michigan State right now.  Perhaps I can figure out why all of those top flight recruiting classes don’t excel at Memphis.

16)                       When I posted that picture of Tom Hanks last week, I evidently didn’t look at the whole email.  Look at the OTHER picture of him taking pics on a passed out kid’s phone at a bar.

hanks 12


17)                       Wes Welker’s agent has come out saying the Pats just pretty much said “take it or leave it” on the contract negotiations.  I believe the agents.  I can picture the Hoodie having confrontations with everyone and their mother on how he had found “another Wes Welker.”  There is a large part of me that will laugh when Amendola doesn’t pan out.  There is a smaller part of me who knows he will end up on my fantasy team.

18)                       I am ok at Microsoft Word, but have no idea of how my indentations on my hooks just changed, nor know how to fix it.

19)                       Jets coach Rex Ryan has said the QB competition is wide open this upcoming year and that Tim Tebow is indeed in the mix.  I wonder if his odd comments are because his owner tells him things to say because of their idiotic contracts with Sanchez and Tebow, or whether he wakes up each day thinking about what weird thing to tell the media to keep us on our toes.  CIRCUS.

20)                       I am ok with the new NFL RB rule, and get safety in a dangerous sport, but get concerned that the sport 20 years from now will not resemble football that we know and love.

21)                       Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has said the read option is the “flavor of the day.”  I think he is right overall.  Trends come about and then fade away.  That being said, I am worried that the flavor of the day is the flavor of a few years and the Steelers will be chasing/ rebuilding.

22)                       I wonder if this whole year with the Yankees will be about a status update of Derek Jeter injuries.  I am not a Yanks fan, but AM a baseball fan.  I hope the guy doesn’t fade away and has a few more good years left.

23)                       I believe the Dominican Republic just won the World Baseball Classic.  I am still on the lookout for anyone who cares.  I will keep you in the loop.

24)                       Elvis Dumervil is getting interest from the Miami Dolphins.  All because of the pleasurable South Beach area, an aggressive offseason strategy, and a late fax.

25)                       The Orlando Predators, an arena football team, have offered Tim Tebow a contract to be their QB.  I am confused.  I am not an arena fan, but I am pretty sure that they throw MORE in that league, and therefore accentuate the one thing Tebow doesn’t do well.  I assume this story is all about the pub.

26)                       Tyson Chandler is fighting an injury.  Not that anyone outside of the Knicks, Celtics, and Pacers have a shot in the Eastern Conference of knocking off the Heat, but this injury is one of the most impacting there is out there.  What can beat the Heat?  Interior defense and offense?  And that is pretty much what he provides.  More on the defensive end.  Sorry, Tyson.

27)                       Xavier is moving to the Big East for basketball.  Will someone just let me know what they will call the conference and what ghetto replacements are in it when it is all said and done?

28)                       The Cowboys and Dolphins will be the contestants in the NFL HOF Game.  So, we have a team that we can’t figure out WHY they stink against a team who just REALIZED they stunk.  If things go full circle, maybe Miami can sign Tony Romo next year.

29)                       So, Tiger Woods posted his confirmation about dating Lindsey Vonn on Facebook.  As soon as I figure out how to friend someone on FB, I will hit him up.

30)                       I just tried.  I couldn’t figure it out.

31)                       I love dogs.  Lindsey just TOLD me about this story and I wanted to drop everything and go adopt them.  It is a friendship between two dogs.  One is blind.  The other is their seeing eye dog.  Click.

32)                       Seriously, hit the link.  What are you, David Simms from Tin Cup?

33)                       Thanks to my mom for reading my hook on my stinky feet and sending me ideas for fixing them.  I got one more for you, mom.  How do I travel with foot powder without having my bag searched?  If I have a container, they see it because it is too large and they don’t make small Odor Eater containers that I have found.  If I put it in a plastic bag, I am scared they will think I have a baggie with some narcotics in it.

34)                       I mentioned last time how is it amazing the street cred that Justin Timberlake has when coming from that boy band N-Sync.  You want cred?  I noticed in the highly entertaining USA Today on my outgoing flight that he has the #1 URBAN song in the land.  Amazing talent.

35)                       In that same USA Today, I had a quick question.  I know I am getting older, but when the hell did Kelly Clarkson qualify as “adult contemporary?”

36)                       One more from that page…  I was happy to see Soundgarden alive and kicking still on the “active rock” category.  I need an explanation of what active rock is, but good to see they are still jamming.

37)                       Michigan State is at the half.  If you have never seen Gary Harris play, do it as soon as possible.  Izzo hasn’t had an offensive freshman like him in a while.  Great player.  Anyway, it was looking like Michigan State might run away with the game, but Memphis closed it to 3 points before the half.  Michigan State will still pull this out though.  If I was in Vegas, I would take the second half line with Michigan State.

38)                       Here we go.  I just saw the following words in a headline.  Syracuse, basketball, and probe.  I think the NCAA should be spending its time down in Lexington, but it is crazy the players Boeheim gets.  He doesn’t SEEM to be a likable recruiter, but every year they pull guys…

39)                       Even his own people don’t like CJ2K.  Anyone else surprised by the Titans signing Shonn Greene?  We could go position by position, but let’s just summarize by saying I thought that was the one position they were ok at.  You would have thought they would have gotten SMARTER after signing Ryan Fitzpatrick.  I felt smarter just writing that sentence (perfect Wonderlic/ Harvard grad)

40)                       Ed Reed just signed with the Texans.  GREAT signing, whether you think he is over the hill or not.  Why?  Let’s remember they were without Brian Cushing for their playoff run last year.  Having Cushing back healthy, and a voice in the locker room who has actually WON something will NOT hurt them.

41)                       Tiger Woods was five back going into today.  I am not jumping off any bridges if he doesn’t win, but I WOULD like to see him have a solid top 5-10 showing before the greatest golf event ever…The Masters.

42)                       I said something in Vegas that I personally found funny.  Today, it still sounds funny to me.  Of course, I am not the funniest person who walks this earth.  “Having a couple beers and driving a boat?  They are easier to drive than a car, but tougher to park.”

43)                       Good job, UVA, for winning that game in the NIT.  Glad you decided to look solid after the fact.

44)                       Lindsey and I went on X-Scream in Vegas.  Fun stuff.  I wasn’t dressed nor prepared for the bungee jump, so we just did the roller coaster thing that drops you off the Stratosphere.  We were up there because we had a $25 coupon for Top of the World restaurant.  We ended up just doing the rides.  We walked out of the restaurant after I almost fainted about seeing a $79 Surf and Turf, and $17 drinks.  I don’t mind losing, but starting out the trip BEFORE gambling $300 in the hole didn’t sound fun to me.

45)                       Lindsey wanted to see the Fremont area.  We went.  Since it ended up being just like Central City, CO but in the desert, we didn’t stay long.

46)                       This was my first trip in 7 of not going to that piano bar in New York, New York.  That is kind of my home base in Vegas.  I have no idea why.

47)                       Is anyone else excited for the moment in the NFL playoffs next year when the cancellation of the tuck rule will totally screw some team at the end of the game?

48)                       I hope that Obama is doing other stuff in office besides watching lots of basketball and playing golf, and I like his final game pick, but he has it backwards.  Louisville over IU, Mr. President.  Way to live on the edge in your women’s predictions, too.  Baylor over Notre Dame.  The second point is not poking fun though.  Over the last 20 years, if you hypothetically went chalk in that tournament, you were good about 80% of the time.

49)                       Very classy, Greg Jennings.  I can’t imagine the money you have that I don’t, but I liked that you put out a full page ad thanking the Packers fans.

50)                       I bartended for 14 years.  I think there are three types of people in the world.  There are those who tip the round number, those that make the bottom line a round number (usually the people who add wrong also), and those who bust out the tip calculator.

51)                       When I go to Vegas, I don’t worry about gambling losses.  That sounds crazy, but I have a different “system” if you will.  I do everything by “experience losses.”  I take in account eating, tipping, betting, cabs, etc.  So, I have a certain amount of money in my wallet, and of course I tally any ATM withdrawals.  Whatever I take home is the bottom line.  My “experience tally” for this trip was negative.  Ugghhh.

52)                       I have to admit.  I am mad I didn’t think of this whole Harlem Shake thing.  So simple.  I am mad at that guy and the guy who banked on the fact that people sometimes like to have umbrellas in their drinks (Cocktail reference for you younger folk).  I still have the Tripod in the works though.  Potential is high unless you ask Lindsey.

53)                       Do you think there family arguments at future Thanksgivings if this whole Anquan Boldin trade pans out for the Niners?

54)                       Does anyone else think we just jumped in a DeLorean when seeing Kentucky in the NIT?  Weird.  Cheaters.

55)                       I think Michigan’s Nik Stauskas is my favorite college basketball player in the nation.  Dude can flat out BALL.

56)                       So, the Bears let Urlacher go for a thug (DJ Williams)?  Good luck with that, and know that the Steelers MEAN to call you, Brian.  I am not in the inner circle with them, but I hope your phone rings…soon.

57)                       I just watched Derrick Nix have to be held back in the huddle…from his OWN coaches and teammates.  You are an odd dude.  Maybe his idol is DeMarcus Cousins.  Maybe you can be drafted by Sacramento and we can have some REAL fun.

58)                       Whether Harvard wrecked your bracket or not, it is kind of cool about who coaches them.  Tommy Amaker is one of the many class kids to be in the Coach K coaching tree.

59)                       I can’t WAIT to watch this new movie about Jackie Robinson.  There are a few million people in the south who should probably check it out too.

60)                       To add to my perfect day on the couch blogging and watching basketball, Lindsey just made some RIDICULOUS beer cheese soup with bacon.  Once it cooled, I drank it like a drink.  OK.  Ready to go again, with multiple games at once about to start.

61)                       Leaving a cash voucher for a casino you have no interest in going back to on that trip could be top five of all time most depressing things in life.  I have $13.95 at Caesars I wish I could cash out by mail.

62)                       Southern covered against Gonzaga.  Everyone settle down about Gonzaga not destroying Southern.  They will be fine.

63)                       BUSTER HEADLINE: “MLB suit seeks biogenesis documents.”  What?

64)                       While looking for food, I found five of my favorite words in the English language all in the same entrée.  Ready?  “Beach Cheddar Jack Bacon Melt.”

65)                       I sell digital signs, and one of our many awards was at McCarron Airport.  I find it funny that we were starving, had an idea of the type of place we were looking for, and couldn’t find the sign that would show us where to find that place.  Irony, full circle, etc.  We decided finally to find the Chile’s and their Cajun pasta, left our concourse, found it, it was closed, and then our flight suddenly was on time.  There was panic and running, as we knew the winter storm might make us stay in Vegas LONGER.

66)                       If I say I am the fullest I can possibly be after eating, I still find a way to squeeze in a piece of cheese in my belly.

67)                       I just watched the AT&T new commercial.  Pickle roll is SO funny.

68)                       Anyone else notice that when you leave Vegas, and the plane is facing the strip, you see all of the gorgeous casinos on the skyline with a big “McDonald’s” in front of Luxor?

69)                       I have decided that swimming in a fancy hotel pool is cheaper than standing in a casino sports book.  I am a deep thinker.

70)                       If you lose on table games, take a break.  I am absolutely MESMORIZED by both the Ghostbusters game and Wheel of Fortune game.   I am not lying.  The entire first 20 minutes on the plane home had me jamming to the Ghostbusters theme song that WASN’T playing.

71)                       It doesn’t matter about the team quality or year.  Tom Izzo just KNOWS how to make it to the second weekend.  By the way, Keith Appling just went to the locker room.  THAT will pretty much end any dreams of going farther.  Sorry, Tom.

72)                       The Auburn tree poisoning guy got three years in the hole.  How many times do you think he will hear “while you rot in here” over the next couple years?

73)                       Ole Miss’s Marshall Henderson might be the most abrasive kid in college basketball.  Kind of tough to argue about his production though.  If you can back it up, you pretty much can say what you want in my book.

74)                       Kendal Marshall tweeted about being old and icing body parts after practice.  He left Carolina early and is freaking 21.  I hope YOUR college ID works at 40 still.

75)                       Mark Duper, ex- Miami Dolphins receiver, just got arrested for beating up his son.  I guess Dan Marino is taking the whole “you never won anything” teasing better than Mr. Duper.

76)                       Ex- NFL WR Sam Hurd just got arrested for drugs.  If you are confused about this, you are right.  YES.  He is already in process of being accused of OTHER drug charges.  This would be a NEW charge.  I think he is trying to be flashy to be on my Rant Squad.  Good effort.  No go for now.  I am proud you got busted for a DIFFERENT drug though.

77)                       The coach for Wichita State doesn’t make Calipari money.  What he DOES have is $72,000 more in his wallet.  The small school gives him $36k for every tourney game he is in.  Good work.

78)                       If I am Oklahoma State, I am looking into suing the NCAA about giving Oregon that WAY off #12 seed.  You all can do a class action suit with UCLA and Wisconsin.

79)                       Good effort by WKU for trying to be first #16 seed to beat a #1 seed.  It makes for a great Sunday though.  Carolina can beat anyone given all of the talent on that team.  This KU-UNC game should be a DANDY.  Once again.  It is FUN when small schools advance.  But, when you line up the game, it is MORE fun to have better teams playing.  Are YOU jacking up your Sunday to watch Florida Gulf Coast and San Diego State (I am, but I am not normal-more of a general question)?

80)                       I have not seen Pulp Fiction in a while.  What a fantastic flick.  I would bore you with 5-6 great lines from that movie I jotted down, but we are on hook 75 already.  Samuel Jackson says the f-word the coolest of anyone in the world.  He even went MF-MF back to back in one line.  I was a little rusty at the whole Ezekial line, but the love is still there.

81)                       BUSTER HEADLINE: “MMA fighter fakes death.”

82)                       I was thinking I was going to hit 110-120 in hooks, but I think the multiple games starting in 30 minutes will sway me to shut it down.

83)                       Seriously, if St. Louis wasn’t in Louisville’s region, I would have them easily in the Final Four.

84)                       I am not sure what it is, but every time I listen to Cabo Wabo by Van Halen, I want to book a trip to Land’s End.

85)                       Hey, Nick Diaz, you don’t need a lot of goals in life, but staying off the IRS’s radar is probably a good thing.

86)                       If you get a chance, watch that 30 for 30 about Survive and Advance.  Great stuff, and it will shed light on why us basketball junkies worship Jim Valvano.

87)                       Random music notes.  Angels on High by Panic, Three Candles by Panic, and more songs than you think from the first Kip Winger solo CD are worth checking out.

88)                       Best golf shot ever.  Click here.

89)                       Cool story about a diehard CSU fan since they are about to tip.

90)                       Sir Charles, your voice is shot.  What have YOU been doing the last few days?  Did I see you in Vegas?

91)                       Ravens coach John Harbaugh says change is good to keep winning.  What else CAN he say?  He is not calling the shots.  Grass is greener I suppose, and rationalization is key.

92)                       My money is on Louisville.  My girl now cares a little about basketball after her March Madness experience and went to CSU.  This next two hours will be interesting.

93)                       Minnesota Vikings have said that Christian Ponder is still their starting QB even after the Cassel signing.  So, he is back to being the best backup QB in life.  I had more to say on this, but I think my other buddy Mark says it better.

So I just saw the Viks picked up Cassel as the backup.  Solid move.  As a tangent to this I got to thinking about how he is the luckiest SOB on earth.  Was a backup at USC and shouldn’t even be in the league.  Learns under Brady and when Brady is hurt he has a banner year.  The following season  which happens to be the year he is set to be a free agent, the Patriots are forced to place a franchise tag on him in case Brady is not ready come the start of the 2008 season.  He makes 14.5 million in 2008.  In 2009 the Chiefs sign him to a 6 year 63 million deal.  He only played 4 of the 6 years but 40 was guaranteed over the first 3 years and lets say that he made 10 last year and call it a cool 50 million he made in KC.

To date we are at 64 million, throw in say 1 million for each of his first 3 seasons and now we have 67 million.  The Vikings will pay him 4 million this year and as long as he is not a total boner, he stands to safely plant himself in the #2 spot in MN for the next 5 years.  He won’t get 4 million a year, but I would say he could walk away from MN with 15 at least given their history of QB turnover and the need to have consistency, even if it’s at backup.  That would be 82 million for not really having done anything at all.  Granted he got hit a few times so hard in KC that he will probably have dementia in his 50’s but I can’t think of someone so undeserving of that much money.  I’m not saying he is not worth a few million a year and is a solid guy to have on the bench, but 82 million?!

94)                       Sad week for Sooners fans.  Ex-QB Steve Davis died this week.  When asked who he was, I guess all he had to say that he was 32-1-1, won two championships, was the ultimate wishbone QB, a class act, and since I already talked about Pulp Fiction, he was one bad Mother-f-er.

95)                       Andrew Bynum had season ending surgery this week.  I just hope we have season ending interviews with him also.

96)                       Carlos Bocanegro was dropped from the US soccer team this week.  Are they TRYING to simply cut all of the guys names I know??

97)                       I was going to go over 100, and I as usual have more to say.  However, CSU-Louisville just tipped, and my girl is entranced and already calling Louisville “you guys.”   I must go.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Good luck in your brackets.  Peace.

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