1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  I just rolled back into town from Aspen, so this is super speed, one sentence per hook style.  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. (split up into sports/random and Aspen notes)
  3. Well, geez.  I bet on Miami and felt pretty good about it, but didn’t see an a-whipping in the cards…wow.
  4. Miami gets UVA and then Pittsburgh, before getting beat by Clemson.
  5. UGA’s loss to Auburn was the classic “young team a little TOO pumped up for a big game” after steamrolling everyone up to that point.
  6. Scary that Auburn can turn the college football world on its head when it gets Bama in two weeks at Auburn.
  7. Stidham won’t be scared in that one either, as that guy is a stud.
  8. And scary situation for EVERYONE is that UGA could beat an unbeaten Bama squad in the SEC Championship and jack up EVERYTHING.
  9. And although people are happy that Bama had “trouble” against a good MSU team, it was A) a comeback led by Hurts and B) a road conference win regardless.
  10. New picture being added this week at the midpoint, and donate if you want to my horrible mustache (doing the full goatee for the first three weeks and then the weird dad look for the last week).
  11. I am having a hard time keeping track of the ways that Jerry Jones is disagreeing with something or something (Elliott, the anthem kneeling, Goodell, etc.).
  12. I wish I had too much money and was disagreeable about a lot of things.
  13. Is there a FLOW CHART available on the Ezekiel Elliott thing?
  14. I am writing this after the late games, and if the McAdoo had lost the players BEFORE, then allowing the 49ers to get their first win against THEM definitely won’t help things.
  15. No editing, no pics, and sorry for any grammatical errors.
  16. I feel like it has been long enough before Bruce Pearl problems with something, that I subconsciously MIGHT have thought he was out of coaching still.
  17. Speaking of a guy who SHOULD be coaching still, I want MORE, MORE, MORE in Gruden rumors.
  18. I feel like this Martellus Bennett waived, injury story is far from over.
  19. You can love Lane Kiffin or hate Lane Kiffin, but he has put FAU on the MAP, and is winning as a bonus…impressive.
  20. Sounds like Rick Pitino DID know according to reports, and that means that if he doesn’t head back to coaching, he should definitely try out for some aging acting roles in some upcoming movies…he sold ME.
  21. Sad to hear about the Red Sox prospect who died…
  22. Remember, most of these notes are in passing, as I WAS in a mountain town and therefore was a little more off the radar with this stuff…forgive me please.
  23. For those who just want the quick and dirty on the college hoops season without getting as into detail as Zach Lowe or Peter King in THEIR weekly articles, this is a fun, easy, quick read that is a nice synopsis of the just starting season I love so much.
  24. Still, nothing tops Ten Things or MMQB each week.
  25. You can hate regular Red Bull, but I urge you to check out the green apple flavor…if you can find it.
  26. Betting is fun for me in general anyway as I love the rush, but even MORE fun when I notice things like a missed Phil Dawson extra point affecting me personally in a positive way, or the made extra point on a bonus late TD in the LSU game that changed things.
  27. Right after I told my wife, the announcer laughed and chimed in how “that TD affected some more than others.”
  28. Get ready for the war, people, because the only thing that can escalate the Thursday Night Football debate MORE is the most vocal anti-TNF player getting injured for the year DURING a TNF game.
  29. It DID kind of hurt that Melo passed my boy, AI, on the scoring list.
  30. I wish Iverson would have bowed out early like Barry Sanders IMMEDIATELY after he noticed the lost 1/4 step.
  31. Of course, that 1/4 lost step affected AI MUCH more than Barry.
  32. ESPN had an article predicting everyone’s future QB, and I got Joshua Dobbs for the Steelers, and my local friends got Alex Smith.
  33. I don’t find it odd the Cavs are 6-7 and struggling early with their changed lineup, but what I DO find odd is that 10 of their 13 games thus far have been against other teams in the weaker East.
  34. People have dead pools with celebrities, but shouldn’t we have a sexual misconduct pool these days given the recent offenders?
  35. The Louis CK one was just weird, and still sad about the Kevin Spacey one since Usual Suspects is like the greatest movie ever.
  36. This weekend is the weekend I plan on doctoring up this site a little and updating all of the dropdowns, so if it doesn’t work on Monday morning, you know I simply BROKE it.
  37. I felt like the bigger side story in the Fredette-Marbury scuffle was Jimmer’s stat line, which was something to the effect of 54-10-13, so pretty sure he got the better of Steph that particular day.
  38. Damn the Bucks, as they draft my boy Brogdon, he does well with The Freak, and then he is already a backup for Bledsoe and they are doing well.
  39. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the #1 women’s recruit went to UCONN.
  40. On the men’s side, do you realize that 4 of the last 5 #1 men’s recruits have gone to either Duke or Kentucky?
  41. RJ Barrett continued that trend by committing to Duke this week.
  42. The LAST #1, Bagley, had a nice start for Duke at 25/10.
  43. Oh, just to balance everything out, Kentucky just snagged the #7 recruit, Keldon Johnson.
  44. Reason #2024 why you can’t stop watching a game.
  45. I would like some more Star Wars commercials ASAP, as I feel like it would be impossible to overdue this year’s upcoming movie with me.
  46. I respect WVU and A&M for bball, and know they will be dancing this year, but feel the Armed Forces Classic needs to stick with the standard big gun schools to some degree.
  47. HOW a golf coach from a small school in Wisconsin has bandwidth and the pre-meditation to tweet Darrell Wallace, Jr. about how he is not wanted in racing or life is WAY beyond me…get a different hobby.
  48. Is it bad that although I know these bad things occur, that I believe Hope Solo LESS about getting her ass grabbed by Sepp Blatter before going on stage?
  49. I just don’t like or believe much about Hope Solo.
  50. I expect to hear stories about Vontaze Burfict getting ejected, but don’t expect the story to be his FIRST time oddly.
  51. I expect to hear stories about McGregor jumping in cage matches that are NOT his match.
  52. Does Indiana basketball know that the Indiana State team that smoked them is not one with Larry Bird and supposed to be an exhibition type of early game?
  53. Do the Celtics know that when Kyrie gets concussed and Gordon is already lost that they are supposed to NOT be on a winning streak like this?
  54. I wonder if Kyrie is sold on the world being round yet.
  55. Reason #115 that we should be mad at the NFL and the Kaep thing-Blaine Gabbert is now starting again at QB and Matt Barkley just got a call.
  56. Do you think Ohio State was thinking it would bust out a “statement win?”
  57. Man, that team CAN make other good teams look like Pop Warner a couple times a year.
  58. After OU did their offensive thing, and Oklahoma State did THEIR offensive thing, do you THINK some people will tune into the Big 12 title game this year?
  59. Won;t be boring.
  60. Baker Mayfield has to have a couple of REALLY subpar games to lose this Heisman right now.
  61. Did anyone else find it really, really weird watching USC and CU playing in the middle of the afternoon and not a 8pm at night?
  62. Anyone else notice that USC was up two scores, and very lazily gave it back to CU with 6 minutes left after going for it on 4th down for no reason whatsoever instead of making it a three score game?
  63. Not as obviously odd like that South Carolina-Florida TD/runback, but still…
  64. I didn’t see the game today, but is Andrew Luck in Indy or Europe or where?
  65. So confused, like everyone else, about Andrew Luck.
  66. So, Josh Beckett is confused by stage diving, open mic nights, or both?
  67. Cute.  Happy belated Veterans Day.
  68. Hilarious. I would say it is naughty, but it was their COMMERCIAL!!!
  69. I probably shouldn’t tell you I kind of liked the first song that Taylor Swift did on SNL this week, right?  Got it.
  70. The Steelers snuck out a road conference win, but of all the things they could celebrate TD’s with, they do AJ Green?
  71. Let’s have a punter race, as I think the Steelers’ guy will win. #jordanberry
  72. When getting home from Aspen, I noticed that EVERYONE on my 2-7 fantasy team decided THIS was the week to all together hit their pregame projections.
  73. I suppose that if I run the table I have a shot at the playoffs…
  74. Hey, LeBron, I also think that Dennis Smith is awesome and said before the season he would end up being the best draft pick out there, but are you bored enough these days to be proactively picking on the Knicks?
  75. I don’t have time to redo my Aspen trip for you, so just ask me since I am a very good source for anyone visiting the Valley up that way.
  76. I might org and share my pics next week, as I am saving up the next blog for a very long and special blog next weekend.
  77. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  I have to go organize my Aspen pics from this weekend.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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