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This was the obscure reference from the other day (not related to today’s blog, which is theme-less)…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Late 20 minute lunch break.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  Florida State is favored by an all time record 70.5 points in football this weekend over the same team that just lost 84-0 to Oklahoma State…Savannah State.  Stardust is messing with you, people. Don’t bite on it.  The people who take this bet are just people who want to say that they took a minus 70 plus spread and won.  I would take Savannah State and the points.

2)  Justin Timberlake is being recruited by the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies to come on board.  Not to predict headlines or anything, but they lose in the playoffs next year, will it say “cry me a river?”

3)  Reggie Miller and Don Nelson headline NBA inductees coming up.  I have no idea how Reggie was even debatable at first to be voted in, and with Don Nelson, if you stick around long enough and have enough jobs, you will get in as a coach.  All time record?  1335-1063.  That is a LOT of lost games.  Anyway, I guess he padded his cause by being lucky enough to ride along on 5 NBA champion teams as a player with his 10.3 pt scoring average.  Ok, I guess.  Let the guy in.

4)  My boy, Bryce Harper, has passed Ken Griffey with the most home runs as a teenager.  Just get used to him breaking records, and I could see us 5 years from now talking about Mike Trout and Bryce Harper as the Magic-Bird combo of MLB.

5)  Adam Sandler and John McEnroe vs. Kevin James and Jim Courier.  A US Open break for the fans.  First of all, I would have bet the house on McEnroe’s team as that older guy is still playing like he is on the tour.  Second, the highlight had to be Kevin James trying the old between the legs shot that fans love.  It didn’t go well.

6)  You HAVE to love Nick Saban.  He has a few championships under his belt, no one questions his style at this point, and he lit UP the media for overlooking Western Kentucky this week for his boys.  Either he is serious and you love him for THAT, or he is a top notch actor and you love him for THAT.  If the latter, that dude has an Oscar role coming after coaching.  Win-win all the way around.

7)  I admit it.  Even though I was a political science major back in college, I still don’t like these related questions.  A neighbor asked me my opinion on the presidential nominees last night.  While having my mouth answer in a vague, friendly, neutral answer, all I thought about was how energetic I would have been if asked who was the greatest running back of all time.

7a)  In case you care…1 Barry Sanders, 2 Jim Brown, 3 Walter Payton/ Eric Dickerson 4) OJ Simpson 5) I need to stop…could go on forever…

8)  Lindsey met George Hamilton.  I admit I had no idea of who he was by name only.  Sorry.  I thought it was a combination of Scott Hamilton and George Brett.

9)  They are talking about moving the NCAA Final Four back into arenas.  DO this already. Yeah, you will lose some money, but keep the beauty of the sport and the tightly knitted arenas.  It would be incredible.

9a)  Funny thing is this.  My buddy Scott had row 29 seats for the one at Ford Field a couple years ago.  I had to look pretty hard as it was.  I couldn’t IMAGINE being in any of the hundreds of rows behind me.  Take it back to the arenas.

10)  Does anyone else get the feeling that if Rory wins the BMW this week, he has kind of pissed and marked his territory right in front of Tiger?

11)  James Harrison is questionable for Sunday against the Broncos.  I feel like I am running out of fingers of hurt players, wide receivers who didn’t attend camp, players who can’t play because of altitude, etc.  I am slightly worried.  I admit it.

12)  Congratulations to the Bryan brothers, who just broke the Grand Slam record for wins by a doubles tennis team.  I HAVE to announce this, because unless you follow tennis pretty darn closely, you actually have NO idea of who they are.  Besides the glory, and being an ex-tennis player, I don’t get why the masses don’t like doubles more.  It is SO much faster.

13)  Ladies, I will deliver the news.  Ryan Lochte will NOT be on The Bachelor.  I was actually debating on watching it if he was on it to see if he is as much of a prick as he appears to be to me.  But, instead I can continue my road of never seeing one single second of the show.

14)  Nice story.  Five players from the DeMatha high school football team are getting kicked off the team for hiring prostitutes on the last road trip to North Carolina.  A couple things.  First, I know it is a private school, but those kids can AFFORD prostitutes?  Second, if you are wondering why they got busted the NEXT day, they ordered them at 5am because the chaperon’s last check in was 4am.  Smart kids.  Third, those kids are the studs of their school.  They shouldn’t even feel the need to to such things unless they really have no game.  Hell, I remember the chicks at MY school, and society has changed, and I can’t imagine the chicks have gotten TOUGHER to get.

15)  Here it is.  The Fillerbuster is THERE for you all.  Sadler is not returning to Childress racing in 2013, there is some new rule about the back of the car that people think might be aimed at Hendrick racing, and Busch and Gordon are vying this weekend for the final Chase spot.  You are updated on NASCAR.  Are you not entertained?

16)  I am glad I don’t play golf in Nevada.  A golfer hits a ball badly.  The ball breaks a nearby house’s window.  A man comes out of the house.  The man then shoots the golfer.   I hope the injured golfer goes back after recovering, gives the guy a driver, and says “now let’s see how YOU hit this baby.”

17)  The Orioles hit 6 home runs against the Yankees in their win last night.  Basically, and it is seeping in slowly, the Yankees MIGHT be realizing that the Orioles are not going to just fade away.

18)  Very classy.  The Browns will honor Art Modell before their opener on Sunday.  Classy of the organization, and let’s hope the crowd is just as classy in their response to a guy who moved their franchise at one point.

19)  The Big 12 has signed a $2.6 billion deal with Fox for television.  Now, Fox has THREE good things about it.  Family Guy, the Simpsons, and now Big 12 football.

19b) My picks (no time to explain)

Michigan -20.5 vs. Air Force

KU -10.5 vs. Rice

Georgia +2 vs. Missouri

Miami +7 vs. Kansas State

USC-26 vs. Syracuse

South Carolina -21 vs. East Carolina

Nebraska -5 vs. UCLA

Stanford -15.5 vs. Duke

20)  That is it.  Back to work.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

21a)  The answer to yesterday’s puzzle was:  the picture was a photo of the front entrance of the college bar where Ben Roethlisberger took advantage of that college chick.  Capitol City Club.

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