And this little piggy… oh, mama… oh, mama… went wee, wee, wee, WEEEEEEEEE…!

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock, but in a Sunday afternoon way.   Old format.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)      The Knicks ended up wearing down the Celtics yesterday in game 1.  They still have to get to four, and I simply don’t see that happening when the Celtics will play in your face defense that will eventually wear down the shooters on the Knicks.  Let’s not also forget that the Celtics probably had a little understandable non basketball emotion before the game due to the bombing tragedy.  I see the Celtics taking game 2.

2)      Memphis lost its first battle against the Clippers.  Here is the thing.  It is a war.  First of all, this series will be all about adjustments as this is the second year in a row they have played in the postseason.  They know each other pretty well.  I still see this as a six or seven game series.  By the way, this thing will be a SWEEP if Billups has a +14 and 14 points each game, with Blake Griffin only getting 10 points.  Crazy.  If Billups can resemble about 40% of his former circa 2004 self, they can make a run.

3)      Indiana beat Atlanta decisively a few moments ago.  Atlanta is soft, Indiana is solid, and this one should go four or five games tops.  By the way, Kyle Korver, you are not exactly helping Atlanta’s cause by posting a -12, scoring 5 points, and only going 1-4 from deep.  You are supposed to be that guy stretching defenses and giving Smith and Horford more room to operate.

4)      I am watching the Spurs-Lakers game.  Dwight Howard has already shot two 17 foot jump shots.  What is up with that?  I assume that is NOT the Lakers game plan.  It has already been announced that Nash will not play full minutes, and I just don’t see how this happens in a race to four games.  They might steal one or two tops.  The Spurs are too smart to get beat by a less than stellar guard lineup.

5)      Al Michael got a DUI apparently Friday night.  Do you believe in designated drivers??? Yes!  Yes!

6)      I just made myself chuckle on that last hook.

7)      Djokovic beat Nadal  in straight sets to win the Monte Carlo tournament.  I have said this a million times, so one more time won’t hurt anyone.  Nadal ONLY cares about the French Open.  He flicks a switch, and you almost feel bad for his opponents…but that only happens at the French.

8)      So, I hear that the Cavs might bring back Mike Brown.  I am happy he is getting another shot, I think it is cool it is with his old team, and the dude flat out got a raw deal at the beginning of the Lakers season.  He has a style that is not for every team, but bottom line is that mind deserves to coach SOMEWHERE at this level.

9)      The Nuggets won on a last second by old man river, Andre Miller.  It is inexcusable that neither Warriors defender slid over on that play, it was improbably that the game was that close as is at Denver’s altitude crib, and Golden State got another shot in the gut by losing star forward David Lee.  No Lee?  This thing might be a sweep.

10)   I went swimming yesterday and some dude I was sharing a lane with was rocking out a Speedo.  Please, people.  The movement is dead.   I think Tommy Lee Jones from Under Seige said it best.  “Hence the name: movement. It moves a certain distance, then it stops, you see?” Banana hammocks should be outlawed for people who still think that they are cool.

11)   Thoughts and prayers to the families of the 5 snowboarders who died in a Colorado avalanche.

12)   Dibs to my old pastor for reinventing himself by starting a new church, literally from scratch.  Lindsey and I went to check him out today.  He only has a warehouse at this point as opposed to an actual church, but his sermon was locked on, against the usual serious religious grain, funny, and energetic as always.  Check it out if you live in Denver and don’t like too churchy of a church.  Gil, you are amazing on the mic, and might have just gotten me back to church again.

13)   For you Denver locals, we went to The Lobby afterwards.  Bacon fused bloody mary, an Alaskan omelet with salmon and cream cheese, and needless to say I left a happy customer.

13a) A shout out to my fraternity brother from UVA, Lee, who I ran into while there.  We both have been not been proactive in getting some beers together at some point, we just found out we live 5 blocks away, and I guess we had to just randomly see each other to get our shit together.

14)   So, I hear that Darrelle Revis might go to the Bucs.  We will see if this pans out, but that would be a fun location for him.  That is a young team with limited dysfunctionality or internal strife.  I am not sure he exactly makes the underachieving team a playoff team, but it sure doesn’t hurt.  I glanced at the top defensive teams in the NFL last year.  I didn’t pull the full list, but the Bucs weren’t top 12 in any category that was good.

15)   If you don’t have something constructive to say to the media, then don’t say it.  I am talking to you, LSU RB Alfred Blue.  Blue came out and said that being gay is being a sissy.  Dude, I am sad you feel that way in general, but know that your world will eventually make you tackle this obstacle.  Don’t go into it behind the 8 ball, even if you unfortunately believe that statement.  So basically, shut up or stay away from microphones.

16)   The country as a whole has had it rough recently with the Waco and Boston events.  THIS guy had it a little TOO up close rough.  He was at both places.

17)   The Orioles have won SEVENTEEN straight games when it goes into extra innings.  Every single time it happens, we think the streak has to end.  I am sure it will, but the grand slam this week to win didn’t exactly signal that they are just that lucky.  Maybe they are like Sylvester Stallone before he goes into a arm wrestling match and the extra innings are just THEIR thing.

18)   I had a Seinfeld moment this week (which is funny because I have a Seinfeld moment about 30 times a day).  We ordered Taste of Philly, and when I ordered a “large potato salad,” they gave me two small ones.  I had just as much luck as Elaine trying to get that Big Salad.  Can you put in a LARGE bowl?

19)   Tim Tebow’s QB coach says that “he is fixed.”   Hey, even the QB coach is getting in on the idiotic banter towards the media.  We are more than happy to wait a few more months before discussing his passing form.

20)   OJ Mayo has said he most likely will opt out of his deal at the end of this season with the Mavs.  Who wouldn’t at this point down there in Dallas?  Dirk will not be younger next season, their chemistry wasn’t great as it was, and Cuban I guarantee you will make a HUGE offseason this year.  Oh, that’s right.  There is no one out there to grab in free agency.  I believe we are talking about the Hawks Josh Smith being the best one.  That is not good. Cuban will be overpaying SOMEONE to give this thing one last gasp.

21)   That is it.  I would like to watch this second half with no distractions.  Plus, I am not really feeling it as I am used to being off on Sundays.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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