And THAT’S how they get ya…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       First of all, JEERS and THEN some.  A swastika and racial slurs were put on a statue of Jackie Robinson by some primitive people this week.  Most of us normal people are SO tired of you all.  You can view the world in whatever paradigm you want.  Good for you.  You have that freedom.  But put the damn spray paint away, and keep those racial thoughts to yourself or only in conversations with OTHER people who have not advanced in their openness.  You are seriously losers, people who did that.

2)      Some people in Dallas are slightly sad about the Mavs not getting Snowball, and others are off their rocker.  Not exactly living up to his nickname, E-Luv, an ex- Mavs male dancer, killed 4 people and wounded 4 others this week in a random act of madness.  Thoughts and prayers to the people and their families.

3)      LeBron James (sorry, Logan) showed up for jury duty today.  He already ran away physically once.  Maybe he will try and pull a Runaway Jury on the geographical area too.

4)      You know.  The John Grisham novel.

5)      The PGA Championship is under way.  Jim Furyk is making his once a year Major appearance, and once again we are learning who the hell frequent first round under par Major guy Robert Garrigus is.  Tiger was solid at -1 until the final hole.  And Padraig Harrington joined his recent crew at the bottom of the leaderboard again.  Scary that Padraig has won THREE Majors in his career and now just plain sucks.

6)      Lindsey and I went to Comedy Works last night.  I drove and had two Arnold Palmers.  I am glad I didn’t have three, as I requested them with extra ice, there were no free refills (found out after the fact), and they were $4.50 per.  As Jeff from Rules of Engagement would say, “THAT’S how they get ya.”

7)      We live in Capitol Hill in Denver.  It is a nice area.  Then WHY did I see a woman jogging down an alley yesterday.  Who jogs in an alley?

8)      Wes Welker said to the media that Bill Belichick “chided” him during his days with the Pats.  Dude.  Be quiet.  We all hate Bill anyway, so there is no ground to be made up as far as how he rolls.  So, just WIN.  THAT will be the best route.

9)      A-Rod formerly appeals his suspension.  Raise your hand if you care.  This is a blog, so I obviously can’t see your hands, so we will just assume no one did.  We don’t care.

10)   Everyone and their mother KNEW this guy was a risk, but his skills still got him drafted high.  Shabazz Muhammad didn’t even make it out of the NBA rookie program.  This dumb dude couldn’t wait until road trips in the NBA and already brought a chick back to his room against rules.  This is only the beginning, people.  He has Rant Squad written ALL over him.  Scouts have been deployed for over a year now.

11)   WHOA, WHOA WHOA.  Back OFF, Atlanta Braves.  Don’t be using my boy’s line (and now mine) in tweets.  In a TEAM sponsored tweet, regarding his reaction in getting hit by their pitcher, they wrote “Clown move, bro.”  First of all, you all WISH you invented that line.  Second,  you will most likely be seeing him in the playoffs, so be careful what you wish for.  I foresee the word “clown” being used frequently in October.

12)   How come Word didn’t indent my hooks starting at #10???  How did I finally dodge that?  Confused.  NICE.

13)   Fox will be taking over the US Open coverage.  And whoever is keeping track of things indicating that the world will end, please mark this down as one.

14)   Who CARES what tricks were used in taking this picture?  That is a freaking bear on a jet ski!!!!!  Thanks, Deadspin.


15)   Excuse me, Santa.  Sorry to bother you, but can you add THIS too?

16)   Mike and Mike had a polarizing argument on their show today.  Greeney said that if Manziel was busted and couldn’t play for a year, that he would be drafted and fine for sponsorship.  Golic said he would disappear after trying to get drafted sending pictures of workouts at high school football fields.  Put me firmly in the corner of Golic.  He would always have the Heisman, and definitely has skills, but another year of reps in a tough conference is the only thing getting him drafted high.  He would become “that idiot who won the Heisman and then decided he needed paid a little early.”

17)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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