And that means I am good for a year…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant with no lunch at work yet again.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Brought work home, still had to blog, and UVA is on TV in bball, so I thought we would combine a few things so I can actually have a few minutes without the laptop tonight.  Quick hitter tonight.  Too much to do.

2)      He may pull it off, he might not, but I think Tracy McGrady has a hell of a plan if he truly wants to play baseball.  Seriously.  He is only 34 and his body is beaten up.  Therefore, he is too far past a basketball comeback at the NBA level.  You might as well try a more straight line, less injury job like baseball (no offense)…especially if you throw 90 MPH.  With the pitchers’ roles like they are these days, there are enough set up roles to find a job if you can toss the ball.  Good luck, Tracy.

3)      Don’t count out Arizona for a national championship, but don’t be surprised if they lose a few more times coming up either.  Losing Brandon Ashley is no joke, people.  They will have to adjust.  That being said, considering depth was already a weakness, that is no bueno for that crew.  Oregon might knock them off coming up.

4)      Signing day.  The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the usual suspects ruled it looks like.  Bama, LSU, Ohio State,  Florida State, blah blah blah.  Go to Rivals for a true update, people.  Great site.

5)      Florida won its 14th straight last night in bball.  I didn’t expect them to be this high at this point in the year, and now they get Chris Walker.  Solid squad, and oddly one of the few schools that can actually keep its upper classmen a little more than other large schools.  If Walker is 75% of how good I think he is, they might enter my Final Four predictions before March.  Need to see a few more games of them first.

6)      I might have to write even faster.  If I am stopping this after the UVA-BC game, it might not be more than 5 minutes into the second half.  The Cavs are crushing them.

6a)  Have I ever mentioned how great I think London Perrantes is?  I have?  Sorry.

7)      Someone got fired at Direct TV.  They started out with this great commercial idea that has gone south.  You are now reaching now.  Lock it up.  The hang gliding and having your father get hit in the gut stuff sucks.

8)      Shows.  The Following is still a little over the top for my taste and might lose me after this season, and Men At Work is still stellar of course.  Still need to catch this week’s Blacklist, my other over the top/ too much show I am hoping still levels out.

9)      Nation, if you hear someone named “Bortles” go off the board first this year in the NFL draft, know that it is nowhere NEAR to someone named “Bennett” going first in the NBA draft.

10)   Glad that Steve Nash is back for the Lakers.  He got to be ON the floor when they lost their 7th straight.  Trade Gasol already.

11)   In case you doubt how good of athlete he is, and knowing the baseball world doesn’t give a shit what an athlete does in other sports, it is pretty incredible that FSU’s Jameis Winston is a third team preseason All American…in baseball.  Amazing.

12)   Embiid might not leave this year.  I get it.  Pretty impressive you might go first in the best NBA draft in YEARS, but kids have stayed to learn under Bill Self when they could have gotten drafted before.

13)   Refreshing and a sign how they roll in the Northwest.  Not only is Pete Carroll the coach most players would want to play for, not only are they Super Bowl Champions, but WR Golden Tate has PREEMPTIVELY BEFORE negotiations said that he would take less in free agency to stay with the Seahawks.  Good stuff.

14)   Maybe you did or didn’t flinch like I did and immediately click it.  But Pedro and CLEMENS were NOT in a story about the HOF today.  They were linked to a story for the Red Sox HOF.  Got me to look though.  The joke is about Clemens, not Pedro.

15)   I eat one sweet (outside of Coke Zero) about once every six months.  I am taken care of for the next year for cookies, cakes, etc.  Our VP’s birthday celebration was today, and word is he is a bundt cake guy.  Someone bought them in bulk today.  I didn’t even know what a bundt cake WAS.  Anyway, I had TWO slices, and it was like the most delicious thing I have ever had outside of any type of cheese in the world.

16)   Marcus Smart says he is not the only player flopping.  Well, let’s not submit your Oscar nomination any time soon, and know as a preseason All American, the spotlight is a TAD more on you.  Stop getting caught or stop doing it.  New rules are tough.  We get it.

17)   Not making ANY jokes about how bad of few years the dude has had.  Sad to hear Curt Schilling was diagnosed with cancer.  This with the company going bankruptcy is just piling on.  Thoughts and prayers.

18)   Matt, Lindsey is on level  417 of Sugar Mash.  I hope you are progressing too.

19)   Jim Boeheim says that college basketball has never been better.  Concur.  Of course, I think I say that every year.  If I HAD to make an argument on this one and bring old school stuff into it, rivalries were better back in the 80’s before all of this conference realignment crap.  The old school teams don’t play each other as much.  I mean, Syracuse and St. John’s aren’t even in the same conference anymore, and that game in the 80’s was awesome.

20)   I appreciate that my Jeep, Eleanor, seems to stall less in really, really cold and snowy weather than warm days.  The Russian says he will be able to fix her when she actually breaks down.  At least I know there is a better than average chance I can wear my sandals while waiting for her to get towed.

21)   Cousins calls Dunleavy a clown, and Dunleavy counters with HE’S a clown.  With my signoff each blog, I should have many jokes for this, but I am overloaded.

22)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

23)  NOTE:  my co-blogger has resurfaced after the Super Bowl.  Look for a fantastic post Super Bowl blog tomorrow along with covering many other things.  Glad my busy work day tomorrow doesn’t involve squeezing in a blog.  Tune in.  Will post Thursday late morning.  Like a man and his truck, the post will be SOLID as a rock.

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