And may the odds be ever in your favor…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I have been requested by Lindsey to attempt to NOT have blog epiphanies past 10pm at night.  I was all hyped up at too late of time at night for me or her.  More on that in a bit.

2)      Ok.  Either Bill Self is setting himself up for his best coaching job yet by having his KU kids look bad right now, or they just aren’t meant to gel together.  Horrible showing against UF last night.  Wiggins-flashes of brilliance of course.  Revised Final Four.  Arizona, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Wichita State.

3)      Chuckle.  Go ahead.  Let’s not forget that Wichita State made it to the Final Four WITHOUT one of their best players last year and got almost everyone back.

4)      The Fillerbuster has had someone stand up and draw a line in the stand.  Apparently I am the only one who watches commercials these days because normal people skip them.  From my colleague, reader, and Gomez-McDonalds runner-Ponto:

Filler, you need to quit watching commercials.  You’re going to confuse/lose your audience.  Use the DVR that you get for free with your DirecTV service.  Start your games 45 minutes late, watch them uninterrupted, take a pee at your leisure.  Nobody watches commercials anymore (except for the Super Bowl, that’s different)…

5)      It might not have looked like it last night, but UK beat a very solid and experienced Boise team last night.  Don’t be too quick to not advance Boise come March.

6)      I hate running, but I do it.  Running in the snow or rain is much easier for me though.  Rocky theme.  Check.  Snow gear.  Check.  Pretend I am fighting Ivan Drago.  Check.

7)      Mack Brown is sitting in someone’s living room right now trying to convince a recruit from Florida to be his WR.  Funny.

8)      Bama is scrambling, although I am sure it is coincidental timing, to SIGN their coach…quickly…to ANOTHER extension.

9)      The Pacers started slow and still beat the Heat last night.Their last 11 or twelve games are a dead heat pretty much.  Be very scared, Miami.  Very scared.  And you too, rest of the Least.

10)   Mark Trumbo joins the DBacks in a three team trade.  Good trade for all involved, and the DBacks get another big bat who has 30 plus HR’s in each of the last two years.

11)   Dan Snyder won’t intervene in the Griffin thing.  Come on, Dan.  You are already known as the worst rich guy collecting of talent in the NFL-you might as well join in.  The more the merrier I say.

12)   Colorado Rockies landed LHP Brett Anderson in free agency.  And THAT is their BIG signing of the year, folks.  Check them out stage left.

13)   In case you care, the college bball player who drained the last $20k half court shot in OKC was allowed to keep the money.

14)   A.P.’s status is unknown for this week.  Word is that anger management classes for the fans and refs are taking rehab time away from him.

15)   In case you care, some figure skater “Lysacek” is out of the Sochi Games.  And if you DO care, I have a feeling you are just perusing this rant for the first time.  Thanks for stopping by, figure skater person.

16)   They are talking about football being an Olympic sport in 2024.  As soon as I learn how to use my smartphone calendar, I will program that in.

17)   Shanahan is trying to get fired, right?  To be unemployed and get the Texans job??  Has to be.  He can’t have won two Super Bowls being this much of an idiot.  Of course, he IS the rat.

18)   We are either sure that Eric Wedge doesn’t want another manager job in the big leagues, or are unsure of why he is howling at the moon.

19)   Cutler is still your starter, folks.  Trestman says so.  I hear you, Marc.  Some would want to go with the hot hand, and others took the time to examine McCown’s overall career stats, which are kind of scary.

20)   Andre Johnson spent $17k on toys for kids.  If Fate reads my blog, know that I would also blow $17k on kids should I make millions of dollars a year.  Just making sure you know, Mr. Fate.

21)   Watch Shawne Merriman walk out mid thought of an ESPN interview.

22)   A Detroit Lions fans is saying they got jumped outside of the Eagles game afterwards.  I remember going to a Philly game when I was eight.  That sounds about right.

23)   I say some mean things in my blog, and HAVE mentioned this, but Deadspin people are getting paid enough to go a little farther across the line than I can.  They took the time to graph…the…race spectrum…of the Duke Blue Devils over the years.  Just click on it.  It is fun.

24)   We must be during college exams.  This tease of LOTS of college basketball and then this semi-delay is killing me.

25)   Ovechkin had 4 goals last night and they still had to win it in a shootout.  I write this hook to make DC area fans almost smile.

26)   Cousins will start for RGIII this week by the way, for all of you early bird fantasy set up people.  Well, if you are starting RGIII at this point, then I would like to see the rest of your league’s team rosters.

27)   I hear Mark Mulder might make a comeback.  The Phils might stop their one day rebuilding by signing him.  Just do it.  It will be fun.  And I can bitch some more about you.

28)   Perfect.  Another Clancy book to movie-Shadow Recruit.  Evidently, Ben Affleck had other things going on, and Kevin Costner DIDN’T have other things going on.

29)   And now to my blog epiphany.  Just the 50,000 foot view for today.

TITLE:  “Catching Filler:  The Buster Games.”

START DATE:  Jan 1 (gives me time to read the damn books)

OBJECTIVE:  To eliminate once a week readers and make people A) tell other people B)  have to look for their shout outs daily

INCENTIVES:  once a week, incentives still be worked on

CONCEPT:  Build the largest district you can of Fillerbuster followers, with a tribute leading each District.  If a district receives a shout out in a rant, then a NEW reader has to not only email me within 24 hours, but answer a non Google-able sports/ blog question from the blog (Example:  name one person presently on the Rant Squad).  Answer it right, and your district grows by one.  Largest district at checkpoints receive…something.  Districts compete with other districts.  I am not responsible for reloading your eternal supply of arrows in this game.  This SHOULD get people to read and have other people read blog, which is my sole purpose in life it seems sometimes.

WHY:  Because I am addicted to my blog, Hunger Games is more hip than I am, and it sounds like fun.

More to come…feedback and suggestions appreciated.

30)   My diet with the Ponto exception took another hit today.  Burrito day x 2.

31)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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