And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger…and my middle initial.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock as it is a Friday evening rant, but I would rather not be staring at my laptop either all night.  So, it will just be an in the middle one.

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1)  In college basketball, Florida destroyed a pretty decent Marquette team last night.  Marquette has more tweeners as always it seems, and Florida is once again perimeter oriented.  Both also have those teams made to wreck our brackets in March.  I think Marquette needs another year or so with their present talent, but Florida has high potential.  They lack height in the middle, and have a couple a big guys possibly coming in next year, but they are still dangerous.  If Patric Young can play against the big guys, and Rutgers transfer Mike Rosario looks better than he did last year, I could see another Elite 8 run or so in their plans.

2)  Well, as John McEnroe once said, if you are going to miss, miss big.  And Drew Brees missed big.  0 TD’s and 5 INT’s, Drew?  Wow.  Hey, Drew.  John never meant for you to miss big during the biggest game of your season if you are thinking at all about getting to the playoffs.  I hope your Saints enjoyed your run as owning this division.  The Falcons have taken you down twice.  On a side note, go start scouting some defensive players for the draft.

2a)  In case you care, that 54 consecutive game record of throwing at least one TD by Brees…is now over.

3)  I am watching Syracuse/ Arkansas.  The game is at Arkansas.  WHAT?  This is not even a neutral court/ tournament???  Syracuse basketball is playing AWAY from their home turf in the first 13 games of the season?  Hold on…………………………………………..sorry, I am back.  I had to run outside to make sure there wasn’t a lunar eclipse going on or a meteor shower. There wasn’t.  Everything is fine.  Moving on.  Side note.  I don’t know where Jim Boeheim lives, but it may be possible that he just made the trip from Fayetteville, NY to Fayetteville, AR.

3a)  This is an interesting game.  One of the few teams that play “40 minutes of hell” against one of the few teams that plays a 2-3 zone all the time.  Very interesting meshing of styles.

4)  The QB for the Falcons is named Matt Ryan.  The kicker is named Matt Bryant.  If I was in that locker room, I would nickname Bryant “B.T.”  Those are the only two letters not the same in their names.  You could make it an acronym.  Maybe “Big Toe” or something.  What can I say.  I am very, very easily amused.  And yes.  I know I am the opposite of funny.  Knowing is half the battle, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

5)  I need, and you should also need, to watch Barry Sanders: A Football Life.  It is the story about the most talented running back ever who only is discounted ever because he retired IN HIS PRIME.  Amazing.  For you younger folks, go google him and watch some crazy runs.

6)  Shhhhhh.   It took them years to gain respect, and then when they got it, now they have lost some because they have never made a Final Four.  Shhhhh.  Although no one is paying attention to them, Gonzaga’s basketball team this year is very, very good.  You do NOT want them on your schedule OR in the tournament.

7)  I was wondering who would win this one.  Lindsey is in Vegas.  I had a project to do at work, so I intended on arriving at 545am today.  I was wondering internally which would happen first: whether I would wake up for work, or she would call or text me that she was back at the hotel and going to bed.  She won by 33 minutes.  4:24am to 4:57am.

8)  Celtics G Rajon Rondo was suspended 2 games for his push on Kris Humphries after Kris barely pushed Kevin Garnett.  That seems just about right.  You can defend your teammates, but I didn’t think it was that bad of push.  Plus, Rondo, Kris is having a bad week with that Kardashian shit.  Cut him some slack.

9)  The NBA fined the Spurs $250k for not playing or suiting up their four main stars last night.  I know that David Stern has to protect the fans, and I am sorry some kids were sad at the arena for not seeing their stars, but the objective IS the long run, correct?  Do WE watch their practices?  Do WE not know they have aged by the playoffs the last couple of years?  Do WE have any right in doubting a coach with 4 championships?  I just don’t think so.  Fine them like $25k if you want to make a statement, but go find something else to do.

10)  Louisville football is going to a BCS game after their latest win.  YES!  Go ACC!  Umm What’s that??  I can’t say that yet?  2014?  Oh.  Sorry.  I am just trying to welcome the newest member.  They can’t be any WORSE than the rest of the ACC at football, right?  Plus, we the ACC are used to new members coming in and kicking our asses.  VA Tech? Miami?  Florida State?  All yups.  Boston College?  You have sucked since Doug Flutie…even when Matty Ice was there.

11)  I NEVER saw this one coming.  Never.  NHL sides called in a “mediator” in to assist in their lack of effort “talks.”  I hear that the mediator failed.  What ACTUALLY happened most likely is that the sides were supposed to meet, and only the mediator showed up.  Or maybe, the sides tricked the mediator and had “secret talks” somewhere else.  I could go on and on on this if you want.  Do you want me to start making Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey references?  What?  Whatever.  Negotiator…mediator.  I would have made it work.

11a)  How come Samuel L. Jackson gets his middle initial forever throughout his career?  How did he earn THAT one?  That is pretty cool.  I am jealous.  I wonder if he has more of a problem with identity thefts though.

11b)  By the way, when Pulp Fiction was popular, I used to play that Pulp Fiction speech at bars.  Ezekiel 25-17.

12)  The Yankees agree to terms with Mariano Rivera.  One year, $10 mil.  That is not a bad check for someone coming back from injury, and already has cemented his legacy.  It is not like he needs to learn any more pitches, right?  Cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter…

13)  If you happen to be like the rest of us and think that USC football coach Lane Kiffin is very irritating, I am happy to inform you that we are not alone.  Even his dad can’t take being around him.  Monte is going to “pursue NFL opportunities”/ get the hell away from my kid.

14)  Something about Rex Ryan “setting Bart Scott straight….”………sorry, I fell asleep writing that as I am kind of over the drama that is the New York Jets.

14a)  I guess I should really be happy that a story about the Jets didn’t even MENTION…well, YOU know…

15)  Good job, Georgia Tech.  You became bowl eligible due to some crazy waiver UCLA started last year.  You got to a bowl game, got your school some money, and gave your young fans somewhere fun to go.  If you lose to Florida State in the conference championship, you still have to hold your head up high on your 6-7 record.  Wow, is the ACC on top of the football world right now.

16)  Seriously, watch the show Rules of Engagement.  It is really, really funny.  I am President of the fan club…the fan club that understands that Seinfeld will always be 14,000 tiers above any show ever.  Yes, even you, new sitcom/ Modern Family.

17)  David Wright gets a 7 year/ $122 million deal from the Mets.  I remember when Alex Rodriguez got $25 million and we thought it was absurd.  Now, guys that only baseball fans know are getting $17 million plus a year.  Well, at least I am glad he got more than BJ Upton from the Braves the other day.  “Yeah, take THAT other guy only baseball fans know.”

18)  If any of my local friends want to go check out Moe with me at the Ogden Theater in Denver tomorrow (Saturday), give me a ring (I am very lazy about calling people when I want to do something).  Think more Phish, less Widespread Panic, and something original sounding.  I was going to go tonight, but I have more work to do from a hectic day, and am quite comfortable blogging and watch college basketball.  $30.  Here are a couple songs I dig:

19)  There is the beauty of efficient low scoring basketball in watching Virginia/ Wisconsin. Then there is the ugliness of two not so efficient teams playing a 37-36 game.  Tennessee/ GTown.  Even the winning coach, John Thompson Jr., said it was the ugliest game he had ever been a part of.  Luckily I only caught the last 4 minutes…and THAT was painful enough.

20)  Hey, Pac-12.  Did the networks kick you off of the prime time slots?  A Friday night championship game?  Yes, you are right.  I am flipping here and there…but that is only because I am ranting in my apartment.

21)  Great.  Big Ben is out against the Ravens.  Troy Polamalu is coming back finally.  Hey, Troy, you can’t play both ways, can you?  Come on.  Just throw a spiral.  That’s it.  Fine.  Tomlin, name him the starter.  Do it now.

22)  I just sneezed 13 straight times.  If I was a Vegas bet, I hope you took the under.  My over/ under of consecutive sneezes has hovered at 13.5 for the last 5 years.  You lose, over guy.

23)  Go back and listen to the first Moe song, since I bet you gave up on it.  It is a long song.  Go to 3:22.  That is where the guitar solo starts, and it is pretty badass.  Serious.  It will confuse you in comparison to how chill the song is.

24)  I am serious.  Go listen to it.  Kyle’s Song.

25)  The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Bonds and Clemens are looking like they will fail at the Hall of Fame due to “surveys.”  Actually, these fancy exit polls say that those two and Sammy Sosa weren’t even hitting 50% (you need 75% to get in).

26)  Damn.  The crazy old tennis lineswoman I wrote about a few months ago got cleared.  She didn’t kill her husband of 50 years.

27)  I always thought that AOL was stupid, and now I have more proof.  David Whitley, a writer from that acclaimed entity, has written an article saying San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos should not be on a leader.  Dude, it is football.  He is not the CEO of a company.  Hell, if I was in that huddle, I think I would listen to him MORE with all of those tatts.

28)  I hear from MJ that Charlotte would entertain the notion of reclaiming the “Hornets” nickname if it is released by New Orleans.  Why can’t we engineer an owner’s trade of franchise nickname’s?  Seriously, let’s get some teams involved.  We will let L.A. stay the Lakers because they have rings even though that makes no sense.  Minneapolis crap.  Utah.  You give New Orleans the “Jazz” back, Charlotte gets the “Hornets,”  Memphis can pass the Grizzlies or “the Borings” to Utah, and then will let Memphis redesignate themselves.  The Blues.  Or take the Jazz from Utah.  There you go.  Whatever.  It will be complicated, but we need to do SOMETHING.  Moving on, because I could write a week of rants on team nicknames, and I presently need a flowchart for THAT hook.   Don’t worry, South Carolina.  You are safe.

29)  I hate people…HATE people who say the score with the losing score first.  You can do it when saying overall tennis scores, but stop saying basketball and football scores with the lower score.

30)  Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith attended the hearing for Gregg Williams today.  That is nice.  Maybe Williams told them that if you cut off the head of the judge, the body will die.

31)  Ray Lewis is projected at coming back on Dec. 16.  Hail to modern medicine, who said he was done for the year.  No.  I won’t bust on our knowledge of injuries.  I am using the wrong paradigm.  Here is a new one.  Ray Lewis might been the poor man’s OJ Simpson back in the day and did possibly kill someone, but one way or the other, that dude is a serious badass.  I bet you that QB’s sit on the other side of the line and think “that dude KILLED someone.”

32)  The Raiders suspended Rolando McClain for two games for team rule stuff.  Read that sentence again.  The RAIDERS suspended one of its own players.  Al Davis is rolling over in his grave.  They are being good and wholesome?  Wow.  No offense, Al, by the way.

33)  Detroit defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham defended Suh’s kick and took a shot at Matt Schaub.  Gunther, I know you have to put on a show, and I know your boy got off on technicalities, but can you and I get a bottle of bourbon, and sit down and WATCH his kick in slow motion a hundred times.  We might argue at first, but by the 90th time, maybe I will hear you laugh about how he did purposely kick him.  I will buy.  Jack Daniels or Makers ok?

34)  The Atlanta Braves traded Tommy Hanson to the Angels today.  It must be so nice to have TOO many starting pitchers.

35)  That is it.  I am done my list, and this basketball game just tightened up, so I am going to watch the end.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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