And also if a=b and b=c then a=c…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening blog.  Speed version.  I am picking 20 or so things off this huge list next to me and then saving the rest for tomorrow’s airplane rant.  If I don’t blog, I feel like I will explode.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Kind of a speed version.  I have tomorrow’s plane ride to Cleveland (actually irritatingly enough to Philly first-ugghhh) to post a blog, so let’s just pick 20 things off this list of about 100 and go from there.  First off, congrats to Pittsburgh’s Marlon Byrd.  Dude waits 1250 AB’s to get to face a pitcher in postseason, and does WHAT?  He hits the go ahead home run in a 0-0 game.  Singles the second time up.  Nice composure in this “playoff game.”

2)      People, I am adamant.  This sudden death the last two nights is “cool,” but not pure.  Use tiebreakers, and understand baseball is figured out even DURING the season with SERIES.  If you can’t win a tiebreaker in 162 games, then you have other problems.  I want ONE wildcard.  The problem was already fixed with that and now we are merely diluting the pot. When do you retire, Selig?  Hurry.

3)      Tell your friends.  Reggie Bush was known as a speed/ corner guy coming out of high school and college.  Check THIS out.  He is averaging 5.7 yards per rush this season…that stat is BETWEEN the tackles.

4)      Usually when a team is horrible, the guy everyone tagged as an early round pick suffers.  Not people who have Victor Cruz.  He is pretty the only person playing for the Giants right now.  Don’t punch me, Justin Tuck.  Coughlin has TWO rings.  I believe.

5)      I could get depressed about the Steelers being 0-4, Ben’s finger ailing, AND them being on a bye week.  I am extremely optimistic in life.  I find the best view of everything.  In this case, I know I save money by NOT having to go to a bar for football for like the 4th week in a row.  Like it.

6)      Lindsey picked a hell of a year to buy me these FANCY Steelers emblem iPod earphones.  Not used to going around with sweet gear and jokes when I get comments about my team.  I enjoyed the roll of the eyes when Broncos fans knew they were inferior.  That is far from the truth this year.

7)      Ok.  It might be more than 20 hooks.  I will save plenty for tomorrow.  Plus, I will have the graphical USA Today in my tiny plane seat.  I get a tiny plane from Philly to Cleveland.  I might actually have some room.

8)      …I am back…I am circling all the things to save for tomorrow.  Trying to save the good rambling ones.  This is just a temporary outlet so I can sleep.  Plus, I have to watch last night’s Blacklist (101).  Great.  Now I have TWO shows that will be during Monday Night Football.  Following and Blacklist (101).

9)      Sure, I saved my losers pool until Monday Night with taking Miami.  Hindsight is 20/20 and not many teams are taking the Saints down in any time in the last 7-8 years at their crib on national TV…undefeated or not.  My sponsor noticed my silence in the first half, but I would have covered the 14 points he was about to take with me if I had taken it and not been retired.

10)   This is AMAZING.  We all assume he is at bar.  We all assume the guy on the ground is drunk.  And the given in the geometry (like that, Logan?) is that we know John Daly is drunk.

11)   Here is a photo in case you didn’t click on that link.  You SHOULD.


12)   Does the NBA realize that hosting the 2016 All Star Game in Toronto is like having the Brits watch the Jaguars in two weeks at Wembley?  NOT going to catch on, people.

13)   Giants Antrel Rolle has predicted that the Giants will run the table and finish 12-4.  I can see that.  Not sure how the Giants arranged to play Jacksonville every week, but may the force be with you, guys.

14)   GEEZ.  About freaking time.  The NBA “may” go to the 2-2-1-1-1 in the NBA Finals next year.  DO it.  Your little save some media traveling crap is just dumb.  2-3-2 is just REALLY dumb.  Make the change, or retire immediately, Mr. Stern.

15)   How many times a game for the Colts AND Broncos has Peyton Manning yelled “Omaha?”  The place sucks.  Maybe he is cracking on that city and saying the defense sucks also.

16)   I don’t know what we learned from the Lions waxing the Bears.  Maybe I just simply learned how truly bad the Steelers are.  Transitive property, people.  Hey.  I have already busted out two math terms.  I need to seek a third.

17)   The Steelers lost again and the Browns won again.  Brian Hoyer is undefeated at QB.  I will be back…running outside to see the asteroid heading toward Earth at a pace for Armageddon.

18)   Hmmm.  The last time the Steelers were 0-4 was not only the year that they invented the 911 call, but also the year before the draft started really happening for them.  Greene just to name one.  Mean Joe.  I might still call 911.

19)   I like how Peyton Manning still wears his helmet on the sideline even though he KNOWS he is not playing another down.  GAMER.

20)   So, the NY Giants are 0-4 and only 2 games out of first.

21)   Should I fly to Washington and fix this government shutdown crap.  I can spell my name “correctly” and pull a filibuster.

22)   If Earl Campbell is calling for the job of Mack Brown, then I am officially in.  Ohhh.  That’s right.  I have already been in for about two years.

23)   One other Steeler fact to tell your friends.  They are the THIRD team to start a season 0-4 AND not have ONE freaking forced turnover.

24)   Last night, on MNF, did Jon Gruden start saying “licking their wounds,”  realize that that was inverted, and then finish the comment by saying “licking his man?”

25)   At one point last night near the first half, Darren Sproles had 101 yards receiving…and 90 of them were AFTER the catch.  Amazing.

26)   That is it.  Gotta go finish off the ridiculous double baked potatoes Lindsey made me for dinner last night and watch Blacklist (101).  Damn.  Forgot the third mathematics reference.  Oh well.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

26a)  GOT the final math reference.  Steelers and Broncos are like vertical angles.  Opposite side of the paradigm.

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