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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest…

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)       Not saying it would have changed the result, but WOW did Jacksonville have some marginal calls NOT go their way last night in Thursday Night Football.  Picking two of them, the call that Luck crossed the goal line on the QB sneak in the first half was ridiculous.  I am not sure if his head crossed, but you could see from another angle how the ball was almost squeezing out of his hands…on his back.  Then, Mount Union sleeper WR Cecil Shorts (watch this guy.  he is good) made an amazing grab where he fumbled at the end of the play, pretty obviously a fumble caused by the ground.  It was called a catch on the field.  THEN, when they reviewed it, we see that the play was actually over BEFORE the fumble, taking that out of the equation, AND he clearly got both feet in bounds.  Of course, the REAL refs (welcome back) reversed the call.  Both were momentum changing plays.

2)      The NHL sides are “talking.”  We don’t know WHAT they are talking about, but they are talking.  Odds are that if got the chance to sit in on one of their meetings, we could at least get their personal reviews on Cloud Atlas and Flight and know which one to see first. That is the dilemma Lindsey and I are facing.

3)      Speaking of Cloud Atlas, what I hear reminds me of a time traveling, just as confusing, Magnolia.  Guess I shouldn’t drink during it.

4)      I didn’t think Kobe Bryant’s “death stare” at Mike Brown was anything too off the charts.  Not only does he appear to not be looking at him with the same death stare, but he is a competitor with a bunch of rings.  He can look at his non ring having coach any way he wants.

5)      And NOW, maybe we find out that his death stare was him just over acting his amusing knowledge of the fact that Mike Brown was going to be fired today.  Good poker face, bro.  Poor Mike Brown.  FIVE games in.  Nash is injured during that time.  This is something more than “performance.”  This is more than his system.  My conspiracy theory is this.  Some big name that is out there told Jerry Buss that they wouldn’t mind having the shot at coaching this starting lineup.  Buss, knowing Brown was on thin ice, fired him knowing who he will get as a replacement.  Jerry Sloan?  Phil Jackson?  Mike Dunleavy?  We won’t know until it happens.  Can you IMAGINE, that with all of this Miami Heat hype, if Jackson came back one more time, and took LeBron and company out this year?  Can you imagine THAT addition to his legacy?  I have nothing to confirm this and this is only conjecture, but still…would be pretty cool.

6)      Lindsey hasn’t seen the original Red Dawn.  Since I believe it is mandated to see the cheesy original before the remake, I suppose I am now watching TWO movies.  Right after Flight and Lincoln.  And maybe Cloud Atlas…

7)      Lions WR Calvin Johnson has told the media that he has nerve damage in his hands, making it hard for him to grasp the ball.  You know who is mad about that comment?  I think that two legitimately hard handed receivers, Kenny Britt and Dez Bryant, are sitting in a room somewhere wishing they thought of that one.

8)      Lions Ndamukong (did I FINALLY spell that right without looking it up?) Suh was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL.  The usual suspects were at the top.  Richie Incognito.  Cortland Finnegan.  James Harrison.  Yes, Finnegan.  I think he got moved up because he has been quoted as “hoping to be voted the NFL’s dirtiest player.”

9)      The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Mets GM Sandy Alderson has proclaimed that he would like to keep R.A. Dickey.  Thanks, Sandy.  Glad you aren’t looking to immediately unload a 20 game winner.  We can all sleep easier tonight.

10)   Glad to hear that Carmelo Anthony was helping parts of Brooklyn in the whole Sandy aftermath by giving out meals to people who need them.  I think this is great.  Hey, Melo, help them out, and I will leave you alone for another 10 days after that.  After that, it is a green light again for making fun of your lack of defense.

11)   USC has something going on with the equipment manager deflating footballs during games.  Dammit.  I got tricked.  I meant to skip this one on my legal pad list because I didn’t have a joke.  Oh well.  I will go with it.  Deflated balls and deflated title shot.  Does that work?  No?  I never said I was funny.  Moving on.

12)   Crazy stat.  Tell your friends.  Sleep easier.  Check THIS out.  Florida State and Virginia Tech played a pretty exciting football game last night.  Florida State snagged the win last minute.  What is weird is this.  They won by six points, and had a total of -15 yards rushing in doing so.  MINUS 15 in case you missed that small little hyphen.

13)   Ranting makes me feel better.  I need to feel better after Mr. Tow Truck’s friends told me my bill for Eleanor was another grand…two weeks after the last grand payment.  My Jeep better be PURRING when I pick it up tomorrow, and also better not need work for another year or so.  Car repair suck, especially when you have a named car that you believe you have a relationship with and talk to.

14)   Sad to see the Tennessee State CB collapse at practice and die at the hospital the other day.  Thoughts and prayers with his family.

15)   YES.  Sucking at racing Formula One, NASCAR, and Nationwide, Danica Patrick is going back to her roots.  Her forte.  Her bread and butter.  Word is that two new Go Daddy commercials were recently filmed for the Super Bowl.

16)   Ex-KU baller Thomas Robinson was suspended two games.  Who cares about the reason or who was wrong or right?  He wakes up every day playing on a shitty Sacramento squad.  AND, what is worse, he has to hang around with DeMarcus Cousins.  Actually, rereading this, the problem is definitely the latter.

17)   A Lakers fan pepper sprayed a Jazz fan after a loss.  That is not what I am curious about.  Apparently, he already got kicked out of the game for fighting with the same person.  What I want to know is…how did he know where the other guy parked and which exit he would leave from?  I am an idiot in some ways, but without a cell phone, I would lose a LOT of people who WANTED to find me if I was separated from them at a game, let alone if I didn’t know them.

18)   The girlfriend’s blog tells us that Ryan Braun sprung the question on her and that they are engaged.  Quick, while she is in such an honest blogging mood, ask her if he actually did the PED’s last year or if it was truly a mistake.  Over the weekend rules my ass.

19)   Sign of the times.  Tigers pitcher Anibal Sanchez is looking for 6 years and 90 million for a contract.  Sure, he had a great postseason, but someone pinch him and remind him that his record is 9-13 in his last 31 starts.  Ugghhh.

20)   I have started saying “ugghhh” a LOT in the last two months.  I have decided the correct spelling for it is two g’s and three h’s.  In case you care.

21)   The Steelers resident idiot, Alameda Ta’amu can only say he is “sorry.”  Thanks, Alameda.  Let’s ship that guy out, Mr. Rooney.  As Bon Jovi once said, “you give our team…a bad name.”Our boys pride themselves on being class acts, he is not that good anyway, and we DID keep Big Ben, so we have already hit quota.

Onion Headline, shared by my friend, Vince.  Hurricane Sandy Victims Receive Roethlisberger’s Sexually Disturbing Thoughts And Prayers

21a)  My brother bought me that Bon Jovi tape at Christmas one year.  I told him that it was called “shot through the heart.”  They DO say those words, but I didn’t know that there was ANOTHER song by Bon Jovi on their first album called “Shot through the Heart.”  Confusing 5 minutes in my life, waiting for the part I heard on the radio.  I didn’t know.  He didn’t know.

22)   I am in a rush tonight.  No college picks.  Haven’t had time to look.  May the force be with you.  You will probably be better off without my picks.

23)   A Brazilian soccer player got suspended for rubbing his own blood on an opposing player.  Someone keep an eye on Metta World Peace, and make sure he didn’t read that headline and get any ideas.

24)   Sometimes when I have to run outside to talk on the phone (I get NO reception in my apartment), I put my UVA sweatshirt on, in whatever state it is in.  Every other time, it is inside out.  Last night, I thought about how I am old enough that I actually was in high school when it was HIP to wear backwards sweatshirts.  In fact, I still have a sweatshirt my mom bought me that was MADE inside out.

25)   PLEASE tell me I misread this.  ABC’s “big,” prime time game this week is Notre Dame and Boston College??  Come again?  I know everyone is very happy that ND is good again, but this is supposed to be the best MATCHUP of the week.  BC, quite frankly, SUCKS.

26)   FSU’s Jimbo Fisher has lost only nine times in his tenure.  NINE.  FIVE of them were against opponents who were double digit underdogs.  Crazy.  Maybe THAT is why half of the panhandle was almost having a heart attack last night.

27)   Andrew Luck is so GOOD.  So NICE.  A CB gets flagged for a vicious hit on him as he was sliding.  Luck’s teammates were about to fight.  Luck sent them back to the huddle, and then does WHAT?  He goes over and shakes the guy’s hand.

28)   I watched Chappelle again last night.  Along with the internet skit I mentioned last rant, the Real World skit is pretty funny too.  A little over the top in some parts (warning), but funny nevertheless.—katie

29)   THERE they are.  Not that I am the biggest fan, but good to see Aerosmith is still trucking along.  They evidently have a new album with all new songs.  Look for “Love in an Elevator” bass lines, because they HAVE to be running out of juice and ideas.

30)   Last thing on VA Tech.  It sounds crazy, but they have two games left, and they have to win both.  To make the BCS?  No.  To win the ACC?  No.  To get bowl eligible.  Yes.  Sad, sad, sad.  AWESOME that my shitty Cavs will have the shot over Thanksgiving weekend to ruin that “dream.”

31)   SURE, Jerry.  I am sure your team had NO plans on trying to lock YOU out of their locker room last week.  I am sure they heard your voice and opened it.  I am sure that they were locking out the MEDIA.  Yeah.  You must sleep really good at night.  Thanks for telling us that you would fire the GM if…it was someone else.  You are really funny.  Kind of like Rex Ryan funny.  You guys should go have beers.  I will have Marcus Vick pick you up.

32)   Kevin Harvick, a NASCAR driver, is moving from the RCR to the SHR next year.  Word is that this big news.  I would look those up and/ or try and figure the acronyms out, but blowing my nose has more purpose than doing that.

33)   That is it.  Going to a work engagement.  Luckily, basketball is involved, so I won’t have to log it into Sales Force.  So, technically, I am not going to the basketball game, because if it isn’t in Sales Force, it didn’t happen.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  I will be recovering from running my card for a grand.  I will need it.  Peace.

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