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What a fun year for golf Majors.  We had one of the best duels like in pretty much ever at the British, and yesterday we had a newbie but oldie fend off the top ranked golfer in the world.  You can’t take anything away from Walker’s performance.  He fought off the other golfers with steady calmness.  He might not be the flashiest golfer or best story, but he played four days of extremely solid golf.  And although I am not a fan of ending a Major with two Par 5’s because I think Par 4’s are more steady of an ending to a grueling 4 days of golf, it DOES provide a little different excitement.  And Jimmy nailing that putt on 17 when Day just knocked it on the green with a chance at eagle…was incredible.  Congrats, Jimmy.  Majors are very hard to win.



This DeAndre Hopkins thing is odd.  He doesn’t report, then reports after one day, and then says it wasn’t a contract holdout.  Here is the deal.  He made a brief statement and then did some simple math.  Someone being paid what he is paid is hurt a little more by $40k a day penalties by not showing up.  Plus, he looked at the calendar and noticed he gets a $445k roster bonus on August 4th.  This thing isn’t done and he will get paid…but not yet.



When we talk about the possible crime and the water quality of Rio, it is tough to put a positive spin on the Olympics.  When I think about the Real Sports stories about moving neighborhoods and workers dying, it is tough to put a positive spin on the Olympics.  But, we need to.  It is still the Olympics.  Let’s take a deep breath, not submerge our head into Rio water, but instead remember that we are rooting for phenomenal athletes and stories.  We are watching the last run of arguably the two best athletes of this generation in Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps.  Throw in the dominance of Missy Franklin and Katie LeDecky or the unknown of the Oregon footballer/ hurdler, or the intrigue of the bow contestant with no arms, and there is plenty of positive spin to utilize.


I think I am slowly becoming addicted to American Ninja Warrior.  Whether it is the stories behind the contestants or the course itself, I find myself staring intently at the television when it is on.  No plans to join them out there, but I will max out enjoying WATCHING it.

And there will be prizes in the future.  Just kidding on that, Rudy.

None today though.

That’s it for today.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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