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  1. Arkansas just came back from TWENTY FOUR down to beat Ole Miss.  I think I would rather get pummeled in a game then get up big and blow it.
  2. The “focus” thing I want to start incorporating in this blog is very tough to do with my time availability.  I will wait until after I revamp the site in November.  It is much easier to realize I have an hour, open up my computer, and just start typing.  That is what I am doing now on this Saturday afternoon with many games going on and Lindsey out and about with friends.
  3. Bradley Beal and Draymond Green both are obvious choices to get in a scuffle in an NBA game.  The challenge is that they play different positions, but THAT didn’t stop them the other night.  You have to reach high for your goals.  Image result for draymond green bradley beal
  4. Mason Rudolph looked great in a win at WVA, but doesn’t ANYONE get concerned about allowing the amount of points they did?  Outscoring teams is fun, but one of the main reasons for Bama’s run has been its dedication to defense also.  They went over a TEASED over, meaning they did some work on both sides to score that much.
  5. So, I think we are figuring out that Louisville is one GREAT player and just an OK team.  Lost to Wake this week.
  6. I get losing your QB is a big deal, but I don’t think many people at all expected FSU literally to just fall off the map totally after losing him.  Lost to BC.  I guess it is great they gave BC something to cheer about in any sport, but geez.  Hope Jimbo had another fan interaction coming off the field to make the loss more fun.
  7. That was a godsend for Mr. Mirotic.  He gets clocked by a teammate on a very bad team, and therefore can leverage THAT as the reason he wants out.  It will be a long season in Chicago, so might as well exit stage left as quickly as possible if given a reason.
  8. It really is a shame that the Texans owner has to drop the “inmates” term and piss everyone off.  But, I am more bothered that it is taking headlines away from GOOD stories in Houston, such as Mr. Watson and…the ASTROS.
  9. Man, I would love to see the Astros pull this off.  What a solid team from rotation to bullpen, lineup to bench, management to plan.  Image result for astros win game 3
  10. The Vegas Knights have already won as many games as the Capitals won their ENTIRE first season.
  11. The “other” favorite weekly sports read started this week.  If you don’t follow NBA basketball, you literally will have NO clue what he is talking about, but Zach Lowe’s Ten Things is just…the best.  MMQB would be the football version of this.  Not sure if you are hard core enough?  You will lose interest by about #3.
  12. Talked with my buddy, Justin, last night, and we used to have hour long sports conversations about everything.  He is special.  I haven’t been in a conversation where someone ELSE leads off with Zach Lowe’s article.  Miss that guy.  Rob, too.  My DJ buddies I bartended with for YEARS.  
  13. I feel like they just keep mildly modifying the same Jeter-Marlins article and reprinting.
  14. The Alibaba founder is buying stake in the Nets.  Good.  We had the excitement of the Mad Russian years ago and now we have this.  And, somehow the Nets still have no talent or potential STILL.  Magical they can be bad for this long so consistently.  Takes talent to have absolutely NO talent.
  15. UGA football fans are pumped up enough because of their youngster QB schooling people this season and giving them hope for the playoff.  But, quietly, behind the scenes, they are getting richer.  You heard about them getting #1 recruit Justin Fields a couple of weeks ago.  Now?  They just snagged Dalvin Cook’s younger brother, the #3 RB in the land.  Image result for james cook georgia
  16. THAT is how bad FSU has sunken.  They can’t even get Dalvin Cook’s brother to go to the same school he did.  Sad.
  17. I would say the exact definition of “just get a road win no matter how you do it” was Stanford Friday night.  I didn’t watch the game, but hear not only did I not miss anything, but apparently I would have literally lost a couple hours of my life viewing the ugliness.
  18. If Bryce Love comes back and rakes and they start winning impressively again, we can change that pencil to Sharpie for NYC.
  19. Actually, given the lack of high performers this year, he is probably already there, but just basically saying Stanford SUCKED without him.
  20. The top 5 highest paid college football coaches list was released this week.  Everyone on the list you could probably guess, but maybe in different order.  One guy, at #5, sticks out like a sore thumb.  HOW is Rich Rodriguez still getting paid for what he produces?  Wow.  Not as bad as Charlie Weis getting paid 20 years for jobs he doesn’t have anymore, but damn close.  Image result for arizona coach rich rodriguez
  21. NO idea how I got the mag, but got a marketing magazine for Carbon2Cobalt the other day.  I believe I was just the “current resident.”  Anyway, I fell in LOVE with everything in there.  Registered on the site.  Told wife this was my new look and to pick gifts from the mag.  Then, I simply typed in their name and “reviews” since I had never heard of them.  What a RUN of the most negative feedback you can imagine.  I will wait for the next random clothes magazine to arrive to fall in love again.  So, what I am saying is their marketing person should get a raise.  The catalog looked TIGHT.  Image result for carbon2cobalt catalog
  22. They sell BEADS every third page.  I LOVE beads.
  23. My wife watches that show, American Horror Story.  THAT show is JACKED!  I can’t turn away.  It has good acting, some names you recognize, and some of the most disturbing episodes I have ever seen.  Well, I guess if Hollywood is failing for the last 30 years on horror movies, they at least got a SHOW right.  Crazy weird, but quality.  Image result for american horror story 2017
  24. The freaking intro theme song and visuals gives you chills.
  25. Hey, Mother Nature,  we got our first snow.  I think we are having a misunderstanding.  I either want NO snow or like three feet of snow.  I don’t like the middle stuff.  Save it up and RELEASE the hounds.
  26. Martina Hingis retired the other day.  She is 37.  So, this is the retirement from like the THIRD career?  She was rocking people when she was 16, so kind of depressing that she has retired more times than Sugar Ray Leonard and STILL isn’t past the age of 40 yet.  Image result for martina hingis 16 years old
  27. That Ravens team who beat down Miami is the same team that got smoked in London by the Jags.  If I flow charted this, not sure I believe what that proves about the Jags.
  28. Is anyone sure WHEN Minnesota or Miami won their games?
  29. I like this commercial, but just am unclear WHEN a previously funny commercial is free to be re-released to the masses watching a game for three hours.  Is there a rule?  Image result for bro geico commercial gym
  30. The Cubs crack me up.  They fired some more coaches and I am not even sure WHO is left.  But here is the deal.  They win a title, and suddenly become the Pats and have these lofty expectations?  I get they have talent and maybe should be in the World Series and not starting seasons slow, but firing a bunch of people who got you to the final four teams seems a little silly to me.
  31. Now, firing people on the NATIONALS is another thing, since they have been a tease for the entire prime of half their guys.  Plus, they are minus that whole title thing.
  32. Really?  A Tom Brady Aston Martin where adorably they are only releasing TWELVE of them?  Come on.  I love Tom, but can we pump the brakes (no pun intended) on ANYTHING in life?  I know.  Maybe I am just sad I don’t have the mattress cash to purchase one, but that is neither here nor there.  Image result for tom brady aston martin
  33. It’s just a car.  Does it come with modifications that Tom personally wanted?  Do the leather seats look like a football?  What exactly do I get different when ordering the “Tom Brady version?”
  34. When Kyrie Irving was talking about the Mecca Court, and first putting it down and then saying he liked it, I was so waiting for a “round” comment so we could tie in jokes about his earth theory.  Image result for nba mecca court
  35. I feel like I don’t need to hear about nor care about players-owners meetings or relations DURING the NFL season.
  36. Joe Girardi is out as manager.  So, the guy overachieves for a young team and NOW gets fired?  I thought he did a fine job, and way to…just be the Yankees.  Sure, maybe he had run his course.  Sure, he made some questionable decisions.  But, stick with your GUY until he REALLY messes up.
  37. Every time I see the VW commercial playing Joe Cocker’s friends song, it gives me a flashback to the 25th Anniversary of Woodstock, when I remember laying in the grass on a blanket listening to the opening act, Joe Cocker, playing that exact song.  Not a bad weekend at all that was.  Image result for woodstock 1994 25th
  38. There was a World Series record of EIGHT HR’s hit in Game 2.  Instead of commenting on the actual home runs, I think Deadspin does a better bit on it.  Pitcher faces right AFTER each one.
  39. It is truly scary how similar the healthier turkey hot dogs taste in comparison to the “normal” ones.  I think I am eating healthier by choosing these (not sure why I suddenly am eating hot dogs), but admit to being scared to reading the label.  Don’t rain on my parade.
  40. WHO makes these college football TV schedules?  Seriously.  How is it possible that I went to the gym and didn’t miss much earlier, but suddenly am overloaded with TCU-Iowa State, OSU-PSU, NC State-Notre Dame, and UF-UGA?????  I only have ONE TV in each room.  Of course, with me not drinking these days, I would have used this afternoon as a direct excuse to HAVE to go day drink somewhere with multiple tv’s.
  41. I went to my new favorite thing last night again.  Silent disco.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  You walk in and there are 50 people with colored headphones on dancing in utter silence.  Three dj’s, three different types of music, you know which dj people are listening to, everyone is dancing out of what your perceived rhythm is (because you might be listening to a different song), and only weird if you take off your earphones and watch in the silence.  I like them.  Second one last night.  Won’t be my last.  Some pics.  
  42. It was my brother-in-law’s birthday this past week.  just a funny pic of his birthday dinner.  
  43. I let Lindsey have ANY option for our Halloween costume, and just said I might be more excited about some things more than others.  We ended up with Dany and a dragon.  I have a mask, wings, a devil’s tail (they were out of dragon ones), and bought for $8 a baby dragon brother to put on my shoulder.  Why 1?  Because A) it would have been another $8 for a second one, and B) as a dragon, I lost one brother to the White Walkers anyway, so it just…makes sense.  Thought it made sense I was a dragon.  Yeah.
  44. I talked about this kid at Zona all last year, and still love him as a pro.  Deadspin did a bit on him.  Lauri will be a solid player for years.
  45. Yes, I am releasing these more on a weekly basis.  Here is the deal.  As a sales person, you strive to get ahead at the beginning of the year, so you hit goal, and cruise through the holidays.  Well, let’s just say I will be making this end of year very exciting, and therefore my bandwidth during the holidays will be minimal.  I will be working my ass off (more than before, which is hard to do) and will blog when I can.
  46. I read a mock draft fort he NFL next year.  I chuckled.  The Browns are forecasted to pick a QB…again.  I am sure Mr. Darnold is PUMPED about that.  He is probably having a down year TRYING to not get picked by them.
  47. I should have gone to Rio last time.  I still desperately want to attend a World Cup.  But, I am feeling much better about not getting advance tickets to THIS one.  (sigh)  A) the US men blew it and won’t be there and I would look silly wearing USA shirts B) the whole world peace thing C) those pro-ISIS pics with blood on Messi definitely didn’t MOTIVATE me to be in a public venue in Russia.  Image result for isis photo messi
  48. Martavis Bryant is being an absolute idiot by wanting a trade, is complaining about losing playing time to JuJu, and won’t play this   weekend.  Good.  But, I have another theory on this.  JuJu had his bike stolen?  Did anyone get an alibi from Mr. Bryant?  Image result for juju bike found
  49. David Stern thinks NBA players should not be suspended for smoking marijuana legally.  Little easier to go out on a ledge on this when you are no longer the man everyone complains to, I guess.  Either that, or he just got done a joint before going on record with that.
  50. But seriously.  WHY is weed grouped into the drugs you can’t do in athletics?  You don’t smoke weed and exactly want to go run up and down a field or court, so I am pretty sure they don’t have the advantage.  Let them relax how they want as far as I am concerned.  They aren’t police officers or government employees.  They entertain themselves.  Light it up, gents.
  51. You know, I was sitting on my patio the other day and WONDERED where the hell Josh Smith was.  NOW I know.
  52. I might root against the Panthers, although I have no problem with them as a team, JUST to have Cam Newton do more fun stuff at press conferences.  He walked on another one.  What an idiot.  Athletically ridiculous with a gun for an arm, but still an idiot.  Image result for cam newton walks off
  53. Just saw in the OSU-PSU game an interception overturn for touchdown call that resonates WAY beyond this game.  Wow.  Overturn the INT.  Overturn AND make it a touchdown?  Wow.
  54. I think my favorite thing of the week in sports was catching the first pitch from Game 2 of the World Series.  Vin Scully did SUCH an epic job, and bringing out OTHER legends was icing on the cake.  How can you not love that guy?  Fernando landed that thing in there too.  Image result for vin scully first pitch
  55. The pro gamer who broadcasted his domestic abuse needs to be more like Joel Berry, and just punch a DOOR when he loses a video game.  And Joel Berry needs to know when to be competitive with his team’s Final Four aspirations in play.
  56. I heard that Bruce Arians had to refute a rumor he was stepping down.  Easy, everyone.  First of all, get him some younger, uninjured talent, and second I would take that guy as my coach ANY day of the week.  LOOK at this guy.  I would run through a wall for this guy.  Image result for bruce arians
  57. I was going to put a tough pic up, but that one…was just there for the taking.
  58. I feel like Dwight Freeney has been signing on with teams from age 35-38 for about 7 years.  Signed with the Seahawks.  Image result for dwight freeney
  59. I like the NBA name “Pelicans.”  I think skipping the last two syllables and calling them the “Pels” is absolutely STUPID.
  60. I talked about how much I liked OU’s RB Rodney Anderson last week.  And, I get that this act has become a viral thing.  But, no matter HOW many times you see someone do this act, you are still just as impressed as the first time you watched it.  Well, maybe slightly UNDER that level.  The first time, you are looking for ways they doctored the tape not believing it was possible.  Impressive.
  61. The Skins can’t give THIS guy a freaking CONTRACT?  His performance ON the field is worth it by itself, but throw in a story like this??
  62. I guess I just really, really enjoy about doping dogs, ok?  Follow up article to the last one I shared.
  63. He might get out of town by getting a trade, but I feel like Eric Bledsoe has been a “potential” player a little past the “potential player window.”
  64. No one is saying don’t go to a bar, DeShone.  We are just saying A) don’t BROADCAST you are there and B) remember your team is the losers of all losers recently, so people will then know you are not exactly hitting the weights late at night.
  65. I watch Jay Cutler on the sidelines with this injury talk up his teammates, go over plays with Moore, and stay engaged with the play on the field, and it makes me proud of him that he is turning around perception of him as a person.
  66. I am just kidding, people.  Image result for jay cutler dolphins
  67. Now that the Joe Thomas snap streak is done, Cleveland is probably worried he will suddenly be aware he has been in Cleveland for this many years.
  68. As far as Halloween goes, I always just put together something with a couple of minimal purchases.  I envy people who pull THIS out for Halloween.  Looks like a lot of effort, but my colleague, Brett, DID win.  he even shaved his long time beard to sport this thing.   Turn your device sideways quickly.  I couldn’t figure out how to rotate the pic.
  69. I had some NFL game notes since my previous blog, but that seems so long ago so I will just move on.  I WILL say the Broncos ruined a 7 team parlay I had going, and therefore temporarily hate them more than I do daily.
  70. Linds has her new second job, and she loves painting, which makes me happy.  
  71. The end of this OSU-PSU game is NUTS.  OSU might pull this out.  By the way, HOW do you not have a good kicker with all of these other top 100 recruits (Ohio State)?  Befuddles me to say the least.
  72. OSU wins.  Wow.  I think that winded me.  As I saw on Twitter, everything went Penn State’s way, and they STILL found a way to lose the game.  JT Barrett doesn’t have to answer anyone for the rest of the year.  Wow.
  73. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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