Ain’t no mountain high enough…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Home rant, but I have stuff to do.  The faster I get stuff done, the longer I have to veg on the couch for the remainder of the night.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)       For some reason, I remember Tennessee football being casually talked about before the season as a being a couple steps closer to their old prominence.  Not totally there, just closer.  Well, after five conference games, they have nothing to show for it.  We expect Kentucky (0-7) to be there, Auburn is its usual talented but bipolar self (0-6).  Tennessee’s 0-5 record surprises me.  Even freaking Missouri pulled off a win.  Slackers.

2)      Mariano Rivera is coming back to the Yankees he has announced.  Not only did we already kind of know this when previous closer Soriano optioned out, and he might be in his forties and lost some juice off his pitch speed, but I personally didn’t notice anyone really mastering hitting his sick cutter before he got hurt.  So, why NOT come back?

3)      People can break down every play and say that Notre Dame lost some rep with its embarrassingly close home win against a weak Pittsburgh team.  I get it, and if everyone is undefeated at the end, they might lose the argument.  That being said, a W is a W.  A good team will almost always have to find a way to win a game they got outplayed in.  Survive it, and move on.  They have had no true cupcakes on their schedule.  If they run it, they will be dancing most likely.

4)      I love the day when my ESPN college bball preview arrives.  I also have purchased my usual Athlon college bball preview.  This basically means that I have about one week of reading in front of me.  Oh, and it would be one week if I stopped life totally and ONLY read for a week.  I can read those things forever.

5)      TCU beat West Virginia in 2 OT’s over the weekend.  That news was actually reported, unlike any talk of Geno Smith being in the Heisman Trophy race these days.  Amazing how not winning gets you out of the mix.

6)      It was on the other channel, but it was PAINFUL watching Nebraska squeeze out that win in Michigan State’s crib.  Damn Cornhuskers.

7)      Ohio State is undefeated.  I guess since they can’t play in any bowl games, that they are pulling an Auburn from the 90’s when they were on banned.  You know.  The asterisk.  Team A won that year, BUT remember that banned Ohio State/ Auburn team.  What if…Cheaters.

8)      Why is Steve Blake arguing with fans?  Sit down and shut up, Steve.  If Nash has the occasional injury that we all expect, you will get plenty of playing time.  Be happy that you won’t have to play with the Lakers WEAK bench ALL the time.

9)      Bama squeezed out a win at LSU the other night.  That was the best anyone has played the Tide, but the Tide still found a way to win.  LSU must be light headed trying to figure out how that game transpired.  A great coach like Nick Saban who has the team he has MAKES you play a pretty much a perfect game to beat him.  LSU ALMOST did it.  By the way, Les Miles, going for the 4th and 1 at your own 25?  Come on.  At least you know why your phone is not exactly ringing off the hook from NFL teams.

10)   I admit it.  It makes sense it would be done of course, but I had no idea they turned that black and yellow rap song into an anthem for the Steelers.  Pretty tight if you ask me.

11)   So it has been announced that Sean Payton’s contract with the Saints is void.  So, let me get this straight.  He can’t talk to the Saints because of the Bountygate penalties.  And, he technically won’t be with a team at season’s end.  You are telling me that with a WHOLE half season and off season of other unhappy teams chirping in his ear, that he will NOT be coaching another team next year?  Ummm…yeah.  I say Dallas or Philly depending on if either makes a run.

12)   VERY cool to see Coach Pagano in the locker room after the Colts win yesterday.  Moving, especially with his team a surprising 5-3.  Get better, Chuck.  Good luck with your therapy, and at least you have PLENTY of football motivation to make it back to add to the obvious real ones.

13)   That 14 year old kid qualified for the Masters next year.  Prepare for THAT media storm.

14)   I STILL like the car commercial where the guy is air drumming to Rush.  Awesome.  ALMOST as awesome as the “there’s no rules” Little Caesars commercial.

15)   A conversation occurred on Sunday that stumped me.  Someone asked me why Pacman Jones was given that nickname.  I knew he had it before all of his off field drama, and spent a good amount of minutes thinking about how a good cornerback would get that nickname.  Pacman.  Coverage.  Blanket.  Nothing.  I couldn’t make the leap.  Anyway, I googled it today.  I was sad to find out that it was simply his mom calling him that because as a baby, he went to the bottle like a Pac-Man machine.  Boring.  Except I guess instead of bottles these days, it is strip clubs…

16)   The Steelers pulled it out, and I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, but I thought we had that whole “tuck rule” clarification back in the day for the exact reason of the call on Big Ben.  His arm was going forward.  It was an incomplete pass.  Geez.

17)   Hey, Rooneys.  DON’T EVER let Chris Rainey go.  EVER.  He is dangerous every time he touches the ball.

18)   Mike Tomlin, go back to playing your old school Steelers way.  THAT is why we like you.  Cut out the whole fake FG thing you pulled yesterday.  It was not like you, and sure as hell doesn’t make sense when you could kick a field goal to TIE it.  Plus, if you knew you were going to pull THAT crap, why did you pass it on 3rd and short?  I will forgive you if you send me one of those INCREDIBLE knit hats you boys were wearing.  Those things are SWEET.  I want one.

19)   Taking a whole bagful of balloons into a bar is probably NOT the best idea.

20)   These days I am concerned a lot with my semi safe neighborhood turning into a danger zone.  I suppose that a lot of people live in a dangerous neighborhood.  How about this neighborhood?

21)   I am watching the Eagles-Saints game.  Since my Drew Brees fantasy team was pretty much worked this week, I guess I am rooting for my ok solo team.  So, go Eagles (sorry, Lindsey), as I somehow need Vick and McCoy to pull 40 points total without Graham getting anything.  At least I am invested in the game.  THAT is one good thing about fantasy.

22)   Lindsey and I keep that huge gorilla that I won at Elitches shooting hoops at my place.  It also wears a Steelers shirt as it is on my premises.  Well, I know we are not supposed to go overboard on little dumb superstitious crap we do, but I WILL say that the Steelers came back and won coincidently AFTER I put Boomer’s (the gorilla) right arm up in the air with a Terrible Towel.  Just saying.  It is not a superstition, as it is the first time I have done it, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last either.

23)   I think Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR race.  I think he did, am not double checking it by looking up, don’t care, and it doesn’t sound that farfetched for over the years.

24)    Remember the Titans STILL gets my blood going after all these years.  I LOVE it, and usually get stuck in it whenever it is on TV.  PLEASE tell me you have seen it…multiple times.  Watch it for the racial education and awareness.  Watch it for the football.  Just WATCH it, dammit.

25)   I want to thank my late friend’s sister for commenting on my blog yesterday.  I don’t know if you read the blog regularly or just checked it out because perhaps you heard I dedicated it to your brother, but put the blurb wherever you would like to.  I loved that guy.  Dammit.

26)   Ortiz signed the new deal and immediately fired back at former boss Bobby Valentine.  Sure, why not?  He is signed now.  Release the hounds, bro.  Bobby deserves it.

27)   Kansas State has a great football team.  Sometimes, you can lose a player and keep moving.  Not in their case.  We don’t yet know what is wrong with Collin Klein or the time he will miss, but there is NO way they run the table without him under center.  No way.  POSSIBLY because of their schedule, but if you have watched them play, he is the gas, tires, and engine of that team…all in one.

28)   Andrew Luck gives himself as “C” so far this year.  Might as well soak up your last second win by at least appearing to still being humble.  The Colts made the right choice with Luck, not that it wasn’t obvious.  Replacing a QB that you almost HAVE to like his personality, they replace him with a younger guy that you almost HAVE to like his personality.  When are the Buick commercials rolling through?

29)   Memphis bball landed another big time recruit today.  No one is sure WHEN they will start showing results on all of these huge recruiting years, but just letting you know they got another one.

30)   That is it.  I have lunches to make, pasta to cook, work to complete, laundry to finish, a football game to watch, and some sitting on my couch doing absolutely nothing (I lead a very exciting life during the week).   I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.



























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