Ahhh. The apprentices of Bon Jovi.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Old format, quick hitter, so let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I thought my 107 hooks yesterday were missing something.  I freaking forgot a sheet (which was underneath my couch), so this week will be merging those hooks intended on being in the weekend version.

2)      The Heat disposed of the Bucks in a sweep.  You were SO close in your prediction, Brandon Jennings.  SO close.

3)      The Warriors beat the Nuggets to go up a surprising 3-1 in the series.  I think my basketball knowledgeable VP of Sales said it best this morning as he fended me off from giving him grief.  Bogut has suddenly become Wilt the Stilt, Curry has become David Thompson, and the fact that Jarrett Jack is scoring at ALL with his skills truly means the stars are aligned.  The Spurs are a little giddy right now and probably Warriors fans at this point.

4)      How did your team do in the draft?  I love my Steelers draft, and they got their usual B+.  For those of you who don’t think the draft is important, know that ESPN Mag ranked the top drafting teams over the last 13 years.  The teams in the top 5 had combined to win 11 or the past 13 Super Bowls.

5)      Speaking of drafts, Lindsey and I watched the Elway to Marino special on ESPN yesterday.  It still sickens me that a franchise IN Pittsburgh did not draft a QB FROM Pittsburgh with their first round pick.  I think of the 80’s, Mark Malone, and wonder what if Dan Marino would have been tossing the football.

6)      How cool.  Cris Carter’s son signs with the Vikings?  Perfect.

7)      Michael Jordan got married this weekend.  I don’t know anything about the woman except for what I read in ESPN Mag, but she sounds down to earth and amazing.  If you missed it before, it is a great article.  http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/page/Michael-Jordan/michael-jordan-not-left-building

8)      I might not be hip, and may be a little out of the loop, but I am not sure why I should be excited for Jon Hamm to host the ESPY’s this year.  I am not sure who exactly that is, and have never seen Madmen.

9)      I am SO excited for the upcoming special on Dr. J.  MJ before there was an MJ.

10)   The Lakers got swept by the Spurs.  The Spurs are getting much needed rest while the Warriors and Nuggets fight it out.  The Lakers have pinned their 10-15 problems on a bulletin board, have blindfolded themselves in a room with liquor, and are playing pin the tail as to which problem they tackle first.  I LOVE that Snowball was ejected in his last game of the year.  Dude is an idiot.

11)   I think the new car commercials subbing in “or” for “and” is kind of ripping off my boys at Coke Zero with their “and” commercial.  It is slightly different, but still copying to a point.  Speaking of, I need to go get a Coke Zero.

12)   Ok.  I’m back.  Refreshing.  Rafael Nadal won his 8th tournament at Barcelona.  One more month until the French.  Can’t wait for all these pretenders to face the wrath of Nadal.

13)   Headline from the weekend I loved.  “Chad Johnson hangs out with homeless man.”  If the homeless people have an internal newspaper, it says “Pork Chop hangs out with NFL dropout Chad Johnson.”

14)   Clayton Kershaw has a sub 2.0 ERA and is still only 3-2.  How are you all WASTING his start to the season?  You all are like Skid Row, wasting that badass voice in that questionable music (although I liked them the first two CD’s).  18 and Life rocked, and that song alone was worth Bon Jovi using their market share to introduce us to.  I digress though.  SCORE, Dodgers..

15)   The Yankees swept the Jays last week, and we are still all awaiting the year, which I thought HAD to be THIS year, where the Red Sox and Yankees would be bottom dwellers.  Hell, the Red Sox are going to break the franchise April win record from what I hear.

16)   How “RGIII does jumping jacks for fans” was on the ESPN wire for three days I will never understand.

17)   While watching the Elway-Marino special, it got me thinking about the 2004 NBA draft, which ended up not too shabby.  1-LeBron, 2-Darko, 3-Melo, 4-Wade, 5-Bosh…AND three of those guys now are on the same team.

18)   Lindsey’s response to my Landry Jones hook Sunday was classic.  “Why would I be in the KITCHEN if Landry Jones was playing on TV?”  Good point.  Maybe he will be throwing to their OTHER OU selection in Justin Brown.

19)   The whole time I watch the Warriors play, I think of the Jim Rome radio show segment way back when where a caller sang Rome the Carl Landry song.  Find it on the web.  It is worth it.

20)   Follow my buddy on Twitter.  He is a sports guy, tweets during big games, and pretty funny.  Only downfall is he is a Duke fan.  @Logesmadoges

21)   Stephen Curry owning the Nuggets reminds me of when I had Davidson in my Elite 8 a couple years ago.  The REST of the bracket was shot, but I had that as my glory alone.  I had also called it about 6 games into the season about them making a run.

22)   Useless stat.  Tell your friends before they start cutting players.  New England has FOUR defensive backs JUST from Rutgers.  THREE defensive players from Rutgers were drafted this year alone.  That is just ODD.

23)   Is Rockies Tulowitzki having injury problems ALREADY?  Know this.  They NEED him.  He has about two more than of all active players when it comes to WAR this year.  Dude is plus 14.

24)   Finally, Jason Collins.  I will get more into this as the feedback occurs, but I will keep it simple today.  About time, good for him, and anyone who has a problem with it needs to take a good, long look in the mirror.

25)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

25a)  OOOOOOOHHHHH.  Instead of me ranting on Tebow being jobless, I think my brother, Matt, says it best with this submission.


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