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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Nope.  No focused article.  Just random thoughts.  No bandwidth, people.  And too many games to comment on from the weekend.  I have to practice my wedding music for the weekend tonight.  I have more work to do tonight.  So, let’s just clear the air and understand this is the way it works unfortunately.  I just have time for a speed session.
  3. I can’t believe the Dodgers are fighting off a TWELVE game losing streak and the Indians are going for TWENTY as I write this.
  4. If Clayton Kershaw can’t get it done for the Dodgers, they MUST be cursed.
  5. They are interviewing Tim Keown, who was JUST about to publish a 6000 word article on how GREAT the Dodgers were before this streak.  That is some wasted time.
  6. I pick the Steelers defense every year in fantasy football.  Usually a little early just to make sure I get them.  I have them this year, and started Heyward for my defensive player for the week.  I obviously am switching now.  And if someone else gets TJ Watt over me, then that is just…wrong.
  7. Sick story of the week that barely made CNN and didn’t make ESPN.  Deadspin was the only place I saw it.  NINE people shot dead at a watch party for the Cowboys in Plano, TX.  That is crazy stuff.  When a police officer rolls up on a house in the middle of a neighborhood after someone saying they might have heard gunshots and sees SIX people on the lawn bleeding, then that is a jacked up story.
  8. Those happy #1 fantasy pick people who snagged David Johnson are obviously sad right now with his injury.  Here are some other reasons to be sad, you folks.  1) Johnson might not even MAKE it back this year-2-3 months is not a short time 2) Those people thinking they are smart by snagging up Kerwynn Williams don’t realize that Williams, Ellington, and newly signed Chris Johnson will be a committee, so there is NO replacement for those people.
  9. I REALLY feel bad for those people who had David Johnson and were happy at snagging Allen Robinson at WR in a later round.  Those people are now fishing online or drinking or both.
  10. If you think that Ochocinco is still not a weird dude, here is an actual tweet by him the day after Irma hit Miami.  
  11. Love that the ref called a penalty on “San Diego” in MNF.
  12. It was 24-7 when I went to bed.  I teased the game to LA plus 9 and the over.  I would like to thank crazy plays and Phillip Rivers for covering those points while I was asleep.  Aside from the Giants loss Sunday night, I had a pretty nice run late in NFL and early on Saturday in college.  I am trying to play with last year’s money, and I just got back to all square on that approach.
  13. That late FG got me the tease win and partial parlay win in the Vikings game.
  14. I think I will keep Sam Bradford around as my backup fantasy QB.  If he puts up another good week, someone will give me the farm for him.
  15. We get it, A.P.  You were just telling Payton how to coach and something was in your contacts or something…both of them?  You might say there was no “heat” but those WERE crazy eyes you gave him.
  16. My escalation in diet is simple.  Work out double what I was up to this point, and eat about half of anything questionable in my eating habits.  Half a cookie.  Half spaghetti serving.  Half a cup of ice cream.  Down to 211.  I am calling my diet the Eddie Murphy Diet.
  17. This diet kicked in AFTER my Saturday diet of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and deviled eggs.
  18. Seriously, how do you enter an eating contest?  Where do I go?  I would bet I could eat more deviled eggs than anyone in this state without a doubt.
  19. Vegas knows, people.  Or at least they are willing to bet on it and cover everyone.  Scary stat?  Ohio State, after getting creamed at home against the Sooners, still has better odds than OU for the title.
  20. I like the Tony Allen pickup by the Pelicans.  It fills a hole nicely.  He should fit right in before someone snags The Brow before the trade deadline.
  21. KD talked smack about Under Armour, who Curry has a sponsorship deal with.  I don’t have anything to add, but just like reporting negative things about the bandwagon jumper.
  22. Andy Dalton made the list of all time worst performances by an NFL QB this week.  Well deserved, except when checking out the list, I was surprised about who was #1.  .3 rating for a game.  Peyton Manning.  More odd?  That was during their Super Bowl year.  Tell your friends.
  23. I felt like Alexi Lalas ranting was similar to Family Guy’s You Know What Really Grinds My Gears segment.  He is right on some of the stuff, and really losing to Costa Rica at HOME deserves some negativity regardless.  Coming down to a final game where a loss means a playoff against (I think) Australia or Syria (or someone crappy) is embarrassing.
  24. The Steelers didn’t win pretty.  I get that.  But 1) a road divisional win is simply that even if the Browns are involved and 2) everything in my life is simply getting home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.  One down, and 15 to go.
  25. You don’t know until you ask.  Saturday night I called DirectTV.  I won’t rant and rave how I was sales-y and asked the guy his name and favorite team and name little known facts about his favorite team to earn his respect, but let’s just say I got Sunday Ticket for…free.  Considering the Steelers schedule is 11am during the main group of games except for ONE game in the afternoon until October 15th, I got a good deal.  I love our couch.  I hate most other Steelers fans.  All is good.
  26. The Jets have been working on their tackling, as was shown when one of their own players tackled a Jet during an INT return Sunday.  Nice job.  Your form was stellar.
  27. Some cool stories just go too much under the radar.  LSU has a relatively new coach, and Coach Ed sent a note to EVERY SINGLE band member, telling them how important they were to the football experience each  Saturday.  That.  Is.  Awesome.  
  28. Conor McGregor is being sued by the security guy he hit with a Monster can during the Diaz press conference a while back.  Do we need any more proof that you just walk around each day and pray something mildly bad happens to you that you can sue someone for?  I believe the lad got $95k or so.
  29. Elliott being back is cool for Cowboys fans, but if Sunday night didn’t show this is Dak’s team, I don’t know what will.
  30. I DESPISE fade patterns on 2 pt conversions.  HATE them.  It doesn’t work.  Risk the batted ball and toss it in the middle of the field.  Angles, angles, angles.
  31. Washed up TE or basketball PF from high school?  Tweet the Texans.  You might get a job.
  32. The Texans played and today announced Deshaun Watson as their starting QB.  For the 100th time in this blog, Watson’s story, background, work ethic, character, and ridiculous physical attributes WILL make him a star in this league.  Trust me.
  33. My company BBQ was ok on Saturday, although I played frisbee and left after I heard Journey and Eagles back to back on the music track.  Being a karaoke bartender for 14 years makes you numb to Don’t Stop Believing and Hotel Cali.
  34. When I get sad about GOT taking so long to get back on air, I remember the delay is because of the complex method of shooting the dragon scenes and we NEED those incredible scenes and money and time spent.
  35. Don’t worry-Ice Dragon won’t be the theme this time.  I will at least try my best not to make it end up that way.
  36. The McCafe McDonald’s commercial is absolutely a ripoff of the candy bar commercial where someone is too distracted to do something.  Was it Snickers?  Or Milky Way?  Whatever.  Moving on.
  37. I stared at the bets for the US Open Final, couldn’t figure it out quickly, so didn’t do anything.  Should have just taken the under on sets, games, everything.  Nadal had one of his best years right after you all wrote him off.
  38. I didn’t.  I am a huge Nadal supporter.
  39. I think Detroit and Arizona should play every week so we can see offensive dangerous-ness and no defensive consistency.  They are just FUN.  Thanks for clearing the over.
  40. I have on my to do list to look at new phones out there, as mine is approaching 4 years old.  How can I do that though?  Its battery outlasts my friends, its camera is ridiculous, the Turbo II gets worse reviews, and I might just go down with the ship until the Pixel II comes out and I get full reviews.
  41. American Assassin is the most commercialized, under pubbed movie I remember in years.  The commercials are growing on me though, and it involves spies and assassins.  Sold.
  42. The piano practice?  Something “happened” the other night.  I advanced to the next level of getting my old skills back.  I just closed my eyes and started PLAYING.  I kept playing not because I needed more practice that night.  I kept playing past bedtime because I actually was enjoying hearing myself play.  It was pretty.  I will destroy shit at the wedding this weekend.
  43. My parents were just fine during the hurricane, and God Bless my mom.  I think what made her most mad about the experience was that it happened on Sunday during the football games and she didn’t have a TV with power.
  44. The guy from Silicon Valley in the Hotwire commercial, and the guy from Ballers in the Pepsi commercial are two of the most brilliant casting moves I have seen in years.  I laugh just listening to them talk.
  45. Seriously, if you have never watched Silicon Valley ever, watch it just for HIM.  He is literally deadpan hilarious at its best.
  46. Someone picked Pittsburgh in the losers pool I am in, and it must be nice just to have $40 under the mattress you don’t care about.  AND, it was their ONLY entry.
  47. I got a second chance.  Pool organizer allowed people to give her more money and put in another entry (for those idiots who picked KC).  I advance and the $5,000 pot is well worth the extra entry money.
  48. I can dream weird dreams.  If this is Ben’s last year, and now that the Saints couldn’t franchise tag Brees, I could take him for a year or two.  I haven’t meshed the numbers.  I don’t even know it that is possible, but fun to dream.  I just know that anyone and their mother would head to Pittsburgh with that cupboard of RB’s, TE’s, and WR’s.
  49.  I attended two “drinking” events on Saturday, and now I pay much more attention to non-alcoholic beverages served.  Note to everyone.  Carry unsweetened iced tea, people.  You carry the iced tea, and I will share my college picks with you.
  50. Remember how well liked James Franklin was at Penn State…about until he called Pitt Akron, and people can’t figure out whether he was cracking on Pitt, Akron, or scheduling.
  51. I am surprised I am not seeing more updates on the Stanton HR chase.  WE all know that 62 is the magic number.  Make it so and show me more coverage and AB’s.  Screw the cheaters.
  52. The fact that I was at an OU watch party (one where 9 people did NOT die) was cool.  The fact that three other highly ranked games were all on at the same time was NOT cool.  Scheduling people.  You people get paid for something.  Figure it out.
  53. For that reason, I didn’t get to SEE it, but PROPS to the UGA fans.  Anyone who has been in the south or come in contact with a fan knows they are in the top 10 for most passionate football fans on earth.  But, I heard they literally took OVER Notre Dame’s crib and that it was almost 50-50 distribution in their win.  Impressive to say the least.
  54. If you were surprised that Sloane Stephens took down the US Open, then you are not a tennis fan.  That is ok.  Now you know about her.  She has always had the skills.  What I found MOST impressive was how she RAN OVER a good friend of hers (Keys) who had good knowledge of her game and wasn’t surprised about anything.
  55. I don’t know the whole story, but surprised I had to pick up another KICKER before game time Sunday because of The Polish Cannon getting sidelined because he is a d-bag.
  56. Sebastian?  They are going to win with or without you.  You might as well jump on the train and enjoy.
  57. So, the hotel and flight are now booked.  Guess we are heading for the now MUCH more exciting Red River Shootout in October.  Just need to find some game tix now.
  58. I am glad that UVA was competitive with Indiana Saturday, but more glad my buddy listened to me on how bad we are and made some money on the TINY 3.5 point spread.
  59. I won’t bore you with all of my OU-OSU game notes, but WOW would you not take Baker Mayfield ANY day of the week as your college QB?  That dude is NAILS.  He reminds me of BC’s Doug Flutie back in the day.  He is so cool that we all forgive immediately his flag in the middle of the field stunt.  Dude is like a piece of iron.  He is training a whole NEW bunch at skill positions and is not missing a beat.  Scary.
  60. Clemson beat a tough Auburn team at home.  Sure, they lost, but Auburn will NOT be a team to sleep on moving forward.  I LOVE Stidham (ex- Baylor QB).
  61. Speaking of Baylor, they lost to LIBERTY and now have changed QB’s.  Not molesting women anymore that we know of, but definitely a few levels down on the field now.
  62. Now that the whole spectacle of Money and Conor is done, you SHOULD be getting excited about the GGG-Alvarez fight.  A REAL fight to determine who the best in the business is on this side of the ocean.  Can’t wait.  I think Alvarez will get it done.
  63. Doing a team activity for work tomorrow afternoon.  Escape room and axe throwing.  I oddly have never done an escape room as of yet, and although I was a skilled kid with an axe chopping wood for fires in the backyard, I have never done “axe throwing.”  Should be fun.
  64. Too funny.  My blog list has Indians “17,” “18,” “19,” and “20” all as separate blog idea line items.
  65. I believe that Lamar Jackson should NOW be on the Heisman watch lists.  What do you all think?  If possible, his stats are approaching and surpassing last year’s start.  Improbable.  Video game shit.
  66. Not sure how you did it, Nebraska, but covering the 13 pts when down 42-14 at halftime was BEYOND stellar.
  67. The Packers won in an impressive win against Seattle.  I won’t comment on the game (except that I teased the spread to 8.5 pts and therefore covered) but the refs need to STOP kicking out important players for pseudo punches.  I get regulating the game, but let’s make sure someone IS throwing a punch first.
  68. The score will show that the Falcons beat the Bears, but MAN were they close to blowing that game at the end.
  69. Welcome to another fast start by the Eagles before reality once again sets in.  Sorry, Eagles fans.  I don’t see it happening week to week.  I see your division beating the HELL out of each other, you getting a 9-7 record, and being on the outside looking in or getting smoked by someone in round 1 of the playoffs.
  70. For those Colts fans who are simply thinking it is because Andrew Luck is out, I admire your curtain of distraction.
  71. I will talk more about the college games next  Sunday when I am blogging during the NFL day.  I don’t have the time tonight to talk about the day much more.
  72. I didn’t get any new emails from DraftKings, so I assume my free billion dollar entry did not pan out.
  73. No time for Deadspin sharing this cast.  Do it on your own time.  Homework.
  74. Read MMQB on SI.com each Monday.  It is healthy, and one of your best reads of the week I promise you.  Love Peter King.
  75. Someone in your fantasy draft bragged about the sneaky Danny Woodhead pick late round.  Text them now and make fun of them.  Don’t feel bad about it.
  76. I hear Steph Marbury wants to complete his renaissance by ending his career in the NBA.  Don’t do it, man.  You have REMADE yourself in such a cool way.  We will never know how it would have panned out over here, but you became a local hero over the ocean, and let your dynasty just sit on that.
  77. Got my brother-in-law’s wedding this weekend, so probably posting something on Thursday and then will be off Friday and Saturday.  I most likely will post the next cast when sitting in front of football all day on Sunday.
  78. I don’t have an intern yet, and have run out of time.  Sorry for any grammatical errors and I have to go practice piano and work.
  79. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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