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On the clock.  DOUBLE dose.  Evening rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, all.  Thanks for joining me.  Yes, it would be true that this is the first ever double dose of the rant today, but writing the BCS journal STILL doesn’t help me get rid of the other sports items on my list.  Therefore, a night session is needed.

2)      I am sitting here watching Transfer U vs. Baylor.  Baylor is presently being outclassed.  We will see how this turns out.  I am a closet Transfer U fan, but this is only the appetizer for me.  Ohio State and Michigan State are next.  I get to watch my Final Four team take down this Ohio State team that is confusing everyone being undefeated.  It is win-win.  If Ohio State gives them a run, I get to enjoy a good game.  If Michigan State whips them, then I have more ammo for my theory.

3)      Jimbo Fisher is concerned about tradition being taken out of the other bowls with this new playoff system.  He is right.  I even remember as a kid watching the Rose Bowl for it being the Rose Bowl and an honor to play in.  Sugar?  Same thing.  It is what it is.  We have all complained enough about the system that we need to decide.  Do we want a better system and know who is the best without a doubt, or do we want tradition and a less clear winner?  Most of us these days are now in the grouping of the former, although it is sad losing those bowls having the best teams.

4)      The Bulls trade for Andrew Bynum.  The Cavs get Deng.  So, basically, we now know that the Bulls are temporarily throwing in the towel, and the Cavs are looking forward to getting trounced by Indiana or Miami in the first round of the playoffs.  The Bulls have already waived Bynum this afternoon before the paint even dried on the deal, so now we just wait for the Clippers, Heat, Thunder or some other contender to offer a sweet deal for a possibly dysfunctional big body with skills.

5)      The better question is can the Cavs even KEEP Deng next season.  I don’t think so.  Lose-lose deal except for that the Bulls now have more money.

6)      This is awesome.  A couple gang members in New Mexico decided they were mad at this guy enough to rob his house when he was home.  The “guy” happens to be an MMA fighter.  He ended up killing one of the gang members, critically injuring another, and making the other guys run until they got picked up by police.  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/06/gangsters-forcibly-enter-mma-fighters-home-and-the-decision-proves-deadly/

7)      De’Anthony Thomas from Oregon declared for the NFL draft.  He wants to get paid, will go relatively early, will make it on the next level, and just doesn’t feel like getting his ass beat by Stanford again next year.  We get it.

8)      Wow, I can type without distraction for about 15 minutes.  Iowa State is destroying and embarrassing Baylor.  Props to what has been created in Baylor for basketball, but is there any bigger waste of NBA talent these days in the college ranks?

9)      In the movie Her, is his phone going to sound like that irritating chick on the iPhone?  Or is it a different voice?  Voting for different.  Assume it will be.

10)   It was popular.  It went away.  Now it is back.  LOVE the kid Hyundai commercial where the kid goes around town to form a football team to face the bullies.  Love the one kid fighting a bear.

11)   Will someone tell me, a Rocky and Raging Bull true fan, if The Grudge is even watchable?  I see all of those accolades thrown on the TV screen quickly, but they could say “John from down the street…”

12)   A writer will vote Jack Morris in this year on his HOF ballot, but will leave Greg Maddux off his ballot as he will never send anyone from the steroid era to the HOF.  Dude.  Give it a rest.  It is Greg freaking Maddux, who DID all of his damage AGAINST those dudes in the steroid era.  355-227. 3.16 ERA.  3371 strikeouts.  There is no debate.  But DO vote in Jack Morris on his last try for it.

13)   I am always glad after any sports season that someone out there IMMEDIATELY writes a top 25 for next year.  I yearn for it.  Anyway, in case you care…hot off the presses.  http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10246704/florida-state-leads-2014-way-too-early-top-25-rankings

14)   I am glad the three kids who were booted today from UTEP basketball weren’t guilty of affecting THEIR games.  No point shaving evidence.  Betting in their situation is bad, but changing the game FOR those bets would be worse.  Good luck, kids.  You wrecked a great opportunity for yourselves.

15)   NBA players are in North Korea, and Charles Smith has come out and said he has a little remorse for going over there.  He says following Dennis Rodman might have been a mistake.  Read that last sentence again.  THAT is your problem.  Have fun in North Korea, Charles.

16)   I don’t have the time to go player by player, but the synopsis is this.  Canada released their Olympic roster today.  It is pretty sick.  Good luck taking those guys down, world.

17)   Marvin Lewis backs Andy Dalton and his mistakes this weekend.  No word yet on who is backing Marvin Lewis.

18)   In a related story, Bengals assistants are interviewing for coaching gigs.  Basically, let’s get the hell out of here before they fire us.

19)   The Colts have added Mr. Branch to their roster oddly enough before playing the Pats.  IN.  TEL.  If his knowledge of their system gets them ONE big play this week, the signing was worth it.

20)   Oldie, but a goodie passed along by my brother.  Key and Peele doing a pretty funny college player roster.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT1nGjGM2p8

20a)  I like those guys, but just get tired of waiting through 10 horrible skits for that one priceless one.

21)   Zach Johnson won some PGA tournament that has “Champions” in its name that no one cares about at all outside of professional golfers, the sponsors, and Zach’s family.  It is FOOTBALL season, PGA.  Hold off a little bit more and wake me up for Augusta.

22)   AND conference NCAA basketball season…

23)   And…you get the idea.  Not ready for the Tour yet, all.

24)   In case you care though, Tiger Woods just surpassed $1.3 billion in earnings this week.  He can buy out the whole Perkins CHAIN.  Good job, El Tigre.

25)   I will just assume that this new Frankenstein movie is going to suck until 25 people tell me differently.

26)   I am totally over that freaking truck commercial that starts out.  “A man.  A man and his truck.”  Shut it down, Chevy.  Go back to singing “Like a Rock.”  It was a nice catchy tune.

27)   The Manziel family is still talking about Johnny Football’s future.  THAT must be a splitting the atom type of conversation.

28)   The NFL has denied reports that they have already approved expanding the postseason.  Amazingly, Jerry Jones didn’t comment on this.  He must be somewhere exotic out of Twitter and texting range.

29)   Iowa State named Mark Mangino its new offensive coordinator.  Youngstown State is happy about this as they can now scale down team meals a little.  Small school.  They were going broke.

30)   Seriously, a man catches a puck holding a sleeping baby…and the kid doesn’t even budge.  http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/eye-on-hockey/24400398/video-fan-catches-puck-with-one-hand-while-holding-baby

31)   A sign some of us are getting old.  NBA player Bradley Beal has spoken to the media and clarified that he wears the #23 for LeBron and not MJ.  Ugghhh.  I am in that group.

32)   Sad that Lindsey Vonn won’t be in the Olympics.  Seriously, no jokes.  No Tiger Woods references.  The Fillerbuster is sad.

33)   Seriously, I am.  Geez.

34)   YES!!!!!  And NBA season is NOT complete without mentioning HEDO TURKOGLU.  The Clippers are looking at him for “scoring punch” while Chris Paul is out.  Hedo is 34 and ready to go.  I know I am ready for him.  Bring him on.  Pick him AND Bynum up for dirt cheap, Clips.  Everything is better when Hedo is active on an NBA roster.

35)   Colorado has new mainstream funny conversations…like at work and stuff now.  Pot is legal, and someone noticed that Spirit Airlines has a special to Denver, where the “no smoking sign is off.”

36)   The dad of Noah Spence, the suspended OSU football player from the bowl game, said he is suing the school as his son was unknowingly given the drug ecstasy.  I don’t know about pissing off the school that is paying your bills before absolutely KNOWING that your son wasn’t just having a good time.  Take the suspension and have his actions show us next year that he is clean as a whistle.

37)    A Texas long time booster has blasted the hire of Charlie Strong.  He says he is a fine coach, would be a great coordinator, but this is Texas.  Stop blasting this guy publicly.  Why don’t you talk to the 200 person committee that hired him?  You will find the mole.  Swear.  Do I have to go to Mr. Royal’s RINGWALLED, important booster guy?

38)   Ok.  Bob Stoops is not a candidate for the Browns head coaching gig.  The Browns are the ugly girl in the corner at the dance.

39)   Hello?  HeLLOOOOO?  Wichita State basketball is #6 in the land.  Also, I read a couple articles about how this year there is so much parity that we will have revolving #1’s this year.  Not seeing it yet, Mr Aaron Gordon non believers.

40)   Don’t tell Logan that Duke is out of the top ten for the first time in like 63 years.  Those fans are treated so well.  Must be great to be in a depression because your team is like #16 in the whole land.

41)   I hear the BCS game tickets were the cheapest in a long time.  Kind of cool for those who took advantage of those prices.  They got to see the last BCS title game, and it was a HELL of a game.

42)   This Ohio State-Michigan State is starting out with quality/ high energy/ postseason like play.  Ponto, you might have an argument 20 years ago that these early games were meaningless, but now with the pod system, these games are definitely important.  You NEED that #1 or #2 seed to stay local and get your fans to the games.

43)   Seriously, what is that Auburn fan who wouldn’t hedge is $100/ $50,000 bet DOING today?  Must be AWFUL or he must already be rich.

44)   Harbaugh says that Michael Crabtree is the greatest catcher ever.  Let’s hold off on THAT statement, and let’s just say that having Crabtree makes you guys go from a good team to a Super Bowl contender.

45)   Because says here I think they win it all.

46)   Marshawn Lynch was fined $50,000 for NOT talking to the media this year.  I hear that fans were starting a collection to pay it for him.  What?  Send them a paystub, Marshawn, and say thanks for the thought.

47)   That is it.  I want to get back to this basketball heavyweight fight.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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