“A deer has to be taken with one shot. I try to tell people that but they don’t listen.”

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  I am just squeezing in a few hooks after a busy, stressful day.  SPEED version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      Thoughts and prayers to the family of Caleb Moore, who died today from his injuries in the X Games.  I still see him walking off and then death happening as extremely eerie.  25 years old.  Shame.

2)      The rule of life in all of sports (except some soccer leagues) is that the home team is listed last or below the other team.   The Nuggets might be playing some great ball, but it still bothers me that the Pepsi Center has them listed first on their big scoreboard.  It confuses me when I come back from a bathroom break.

3)      A shout out to one of my sales directors, who occasionally says “you should blog about THAT.”  Hey, Steve, you never really told me how to attack your hatred of California drivers, so I am unsure where to go except that a good many of them ARE bad.  So, since there is no joke on that, I will tell you his description of my favorite Nugget, Corey Brewer.  Steve calls him “one lanky, dangerous, son of a bitch.”  There you go, Steve.  Shout out complete.  One more thing, if you actually think I have time to write an entirely separate digital signage blog in addition to this one, then you must have figured out how to put 30 hours in each day.

4)      If Dwight Howard is looking for positivity, should we tell him that his most recent injury (not even his back) makes us LAUGH?  You tell ME.

5)      Hmmm.  Nets PF Reggie Evans, who is probably feeling a little empowered for BEING in his first starting lineup since his days at Missouri, called out King James, saying he is not impressed.  What happened?  In their game against each other, Reggie had a stellar 0 points and NO offensive rebounds (his specialty), and LeBron had 24, 9, and 7.  Bring out the sleeping dog cliché.  Everyone just STOP talking trash to LeBron.  You will pay for it on the court.

6)      Rudy Gay is traded to the Raptors.  Not sure why he would be happy about that, but I am more curious if Tayshawn Prince ever regains his post college form.

7)      David Beckham signed a 5 month contract with Paris St. German.  You might as well chalk them up with a title, because love him or hate David, he has produced a title in the last three leagues he has randomly joined.

8)      Packers WR Donald Driver retires.  Class act, and probably a good time to bow out.  I don’t think his 4 Pro Bowls will get him to Canton, but he was a solid guy, solid player, and has a title.

9)      Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni is “exasperated” with Gasol.  No word yet whether the entire city of L.A is exasperated with Mike.

10)   Random stat.  Tell your friends.  Carmelo is the first Knick to have 30 straight 20 plus point games.

11)   Phil Mickelson lips out a chance at the angelic score of 59 in golf today.  Nice round, Lefty.  I still have no idea why you bother me.  You have a hot wife, you are a class act, and you are a good golfer.  What is wrong with me?  Don’t answer that.  LOTS of things.

12)   I understand wherever the money comes from you have to give dibs to, but anyone else bothered by the fact that the PGA Tour event this week is called the Waste Management Phoenix Open?  Is there an end game for bad sponsor names?

13)   Joe Flacco says he is the best.  OK.  I disagree, but this is different than idiot Randy Moss saying he WAS the best.  One is in the present, and EVERY QB should think they are the best out there.  Otherwise, how WILL they be.  The other is reflection, and you should NEVER have to SAY you were the best.  Let the fans and critics do it for you.

14)   I am in sales, and laugh when people don’t write me back, thinking ignoring me is the best out.  Listen, people.  Take the 2 minutes and say you don’t have the budget and call you in 6 months.  Otherwise, you are going in the CRM as a next step of bothering you again in less than 3 months…OR trying other people a.k.a. “multi-threading.”  Man up to the sales people, and they will wait before bothering you.  I say “wait,” because we WILL come back eventually.

15)   I just watched the Illinois-Michigan State game.  Michigan State had an early second half run and Illinois called a timeout LESS THAN A MINUTE before the TV timeout.  You have to do what you have to do with the kids, but when the play you designed is not one pass and dribbling once and firing from 6 feet behind the arc, I question what went on in that T.O.

16)   Bill Walton is announcing a game right now on TV.  I feel like finding CSI Miami as a flipper.  So bad that he is funny.  Too much drugs at those Dead concerts.

17)   The deer antler guy saw Bama players use it.  I will believe this rumor when there are more facts on the table.

18)   This is the SECOND time I remember over the last ten years that deer antlers were a hot item as far as PED’s.  Baseball had it last.  How did they figure this out by the way?  Did some hunter’s kid down in South Carolina suddenly get big just eating the stuff, so they left the trailer park and went to the doctor for studies?   Too much free time to find the next way of cheating.

19)   All of this deer talk makes me want to watch the amazing film The Deer Hunter.  Great flick.

20)   I am glad the Jets are looking at JaMarcus Russell in his comeback.  They are the perfect fit.  I would EXPECT it with all of their drama.  Hey, Mark Sanchez, maybe you can play beer pong with JaMarcus and make him yell his own name if he misses the whole table.  About 7 more people know that part of the game from my weekend festivities.

21)   I have a feeling LeBron is watching the Derrick Rose progress more than anyone.  He knows that unless the Knicks become less dysfunctional, and unless the Pacers play the series of their lives, the Bulls might be the only Eastern Conference team to have the horses to give them a run IF they have a healthy Rose.

22)   I am not ready to comment on hockey yet.  I will get to it.  I am not used to it starting in January.

23)   Niners Chris Culliver “apologized” for his gay remarks.  I saw the apology.  I am not convinced.  Dude better open his eyes a little wider in life, as anything close to negativity of gays is just dumb.  Really dumb.

24)   I hear teams are already chasing Greg Oden, even though he says he won’t be back until next year.  It shows the true lack of classic big men in the NBA these days, and of the Spurs, Heat, and Cavs, I like the Spurs the best for a fit.

25)   I know this will floor you as it did me, but they REJECTED Jerry Sandusky’s request for a new trial.  I thought he was sick before.  I think he is even more sick for thinking he got a raw deal.  That is one sick dude.

26)   Miss Dennis Rodman?  I do.  He released a children’s book if you are jonesing for him.

27)   That is it.  I just wanted to squeeze one in to avoid a monster one tomorrow.  Saturday is my long version.  I hope you enjoyed.  Share my link if you like it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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